July 15, 2018


Naha, Okinawa, Japan


Sister Curtis

Hello from Okinawa! - Week 28

こんにちは! Hello from Okinawa! Hope you're all doing great! Me and my companion Sister Curtis are doing great!
This week was way busy which is always good as a missionary. We were just going to and from each appointment and just having a blast this whole week. Our investigators are doing well and they are all working towards baptism. It is such a blessing to teach them.
First off, this week during the typhoon that was going on, we visited a 93 year old member named Uechi shimai with two of the YSA in the Naha ward. This lady lives all alone in her old tradtitional Japanese house and she is so cute and so sweet. We sat there and listened to her stories about how she found the church. She has such a cool testimony and I could tell how much us and the other two sisters visiting her meant to her. Sometimes just small acts of kindness like visiting someone or just even listening to them can go a long way and help them to feel Christlike love.
Our investigator Nakasone is so amazing!!!!!!! She is really progressing towards baptism. She came to church this Sunday and afterwards with her we had a lesson with her and another member. There was someone in sacrament meeting that talked about a story about how elders found this one investigator by following the spirit and they were an answer to her prayer. Nakasone brought that up and talked about how it's the same with her. She talked about how for a while she was thinking about life and what her purpose and felt there was something missing in her life. She wondered how she needs to keep on living. She was driving in her car and saw the elders biking down the street and felt in her heart someone telling her she needed to listen to what they had to say. A little bit later, the elders here in Naha knocked on her door and she was ready to hear and willing to accept whatever they said because she felt in her heart that it was the truth. When the elders passed her over to us and as we have been teaching her the lessons she talked about how she felt like it was true. She started getting teary eyed and said she has found what she has been looking for. At that moment, I felt in my heart that this is so so true. This is it. This is what the gospel is. Everyone in the world no matter where they are, is looking for this truth and the lasting happiness that Christ and His gospel brings. This is what we as missionaries do. We find those lost sheep and help bring them into the fold. It is so amazing for me to be able to see His lost sheep coming back to Him and seeing how the gospel blesses lives. On my mission I have learned so much about Christ and know that this gospel is true. I have seen it bless the lives and change the lives of others, including precious people like Nakasone. I just know in my heart with the strongest conviction that this church is true and God is aware of every single person everywhere. He is waiting for all of us to come back to Him. I love my Savior and I love this work.
I love you all!
-Atwood 姉妹


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