July 2, 2018


Naha, Okinawa, Japan


Sister Curtis

Hello from Okinawa! - Week 26

Well, in case you didn't see last week, this past week was transfer week and it was way crazy but Sister Glathar arrived safely to Fukuoka and me and my new companion Sister Curtis have really hit the ground running and working so hard. We have been seeing so many miracles and I'm so grateful.
Summer is here! It is very hot and we have been having some crazy weather but it has been so fun. Just yesterday we had a CRAZY typhoon. I have experienced many typhoons on my mission but yesterday was soooo crazy. For the first time we actually got an alert on our cell phone telling us that the city was basically on lockdown and we should not go outside. But as they say in Japanese いいじゃない (whatever) haha, just kidding, we were perfectly safe, but I have never felt such strong winds in my life. I'm pretty sure this is what a hurricane is like. We got a call from the mission office telling us to store up on emergency water so we started grabbing random bottles, cups, bowls, basically anything that can hold water and filled it all haha! You can always count on typhoons to keep you on your toes.
Our investigators are doing well! We had a lesson with Sarii and Toume this week and they are both really progressing. We taught Sarii about the Tree of Life and as we were reading the Book of Mormon together she had so many questions and absolutely loved learning about it. We talked with her about how important it is to walk the straight and narrow path back to our Heavenly Father and constantly hold on to the rod. She is just doing so well and really has such a desire to learn the gospel.
I just want to talk about one miracle that we saw where we listened to and followed the Spirit. A former investigator named Yonaha, who Sister Glathar taught, hasn't been able to meet with the missionaries for a while because she went to Osaka. We knew that she was coming back to Okinawa at the end of June so we looked up her address in areabook and went to her apartment. We knocked on the door and some lady answered and turned us away. We knew that it couldn't have been her so we knocked the whole floor seeing if the apartment number written was possibly incorrect and then we didn't get any success. We both just felt like we had to find her though. I felt for some reason that it wasn't the right building and it was actually the building next door and I asked Sister Curtis and she said she thought the same thing. We went to the next building and knocked on the same door number that was written in the previous address and another man turned us away. We were confused and we could have given up there but we felt the spirit telling us to go to the end of the hall. So, at this point the address was completely different than what was written but we knocked and sure enough it was Yonaha! She recognized us and told us that she just got back to Okinawa last week. She had been really sick recently with back problems and has barely been able to move. She started crying talking about what's she's going through and we sat there with her testifying to her that God knows her situation and He can help her and bring her comfort. We asked if we could pray with her and she said yes. I felt the Spirit so strong as we were praying with her. She was so kind to us and even said that she wants to come to church when her health permits and would like us to visit again. I'm just amazed at the Spirit leading us to her because we needed to help her and pray with her that night. I testify that God knows each and every one of us and through the Spirit and through other people He answers our prayers. Even we can be the answer to other people's prayers. I know that this is true and I have seen it many times on my mission. I'm so grateful for the Spirit's guidance and may we all be constantly seeking for it.
I love you all! 皆さん心から愛しています! 神様が皆さんを愛していると知っています.
-Atwood shimai


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