June 11, 2018


Naha, Okinawa, Japan


Sister Glathar

Hello from Okinawa! - Week 23

Life is good down here in Okinawa! Sorry, I feel like I start these emails the same every single time but really, life is good! I love being a missionary and I love Naha! We had suuuuuch a busy week this week because of zone conference and interviews back to back. It was President Egan's and Sister Egan's last zone conference so it was so powerful and sad to see them go. Also, the Zone Leaders and us the Sister Trainer Leaders gave a training and it was so fun! The whole entire zone conference had a theme about obedience, what success is, and also faith in Jesus Christ. Some things that I learned from it was that faith is a gift of our obedience to God and His commandments. President Egan also gave a great training about never giving up and giving it our all. He talked about how we need to "run like a horse" because a horse, unlike a mule, will run till the end, keep on working until it has no more strength and it has no more to give. It helped me have more faith for me to work hard until the end and give it all to the Lord. I hope that I can run like a horse and continue to serve God until the end.
Our investigators are doing so well! We had a lesson with our investigator Mayumi and she finally was able to talk to her Catholic family! Before she had fear of talking to her family about being baptized and finally she was able to talk to them and they are okay with her being baptized, in fact, they support it and want her to be baptized!!! What a miracle!! She talked about how she wants to be baptized and she has so much faith. Her baptismal date is on the 30th of this month so please pray for her.
We also got to sing in sacrament this last Sunday and us as missionaries sang "Miidasou My Friend" or "I'll Find You My Friend" which is about us missionaries finding our eternal friends and bringing them to the truth. The ward absolutely loved it and most of the congregation was even singing along. It made me think about how all of these people were the friends that were found. I hope I can continue find my friends!
Anyways I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!!
Sister Atwood


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