June 4, 2018


Naha, Okinawa, Japan


Sister Glathar

Hello from Okinawa! - Week 22

Life is good here out in Naha!! We are continuing to see miracles each day and I am so grateful to be able to see the Lord's hand in my life. There are so many prepared people here in Naha!
Anyways, this week we got to exchanges with two other companionships here in Okinawa. First we did an exchange with the Futenma sisters! They're from my old area so it was fun talking about Futenma because I love it so much. I got to be with Sister Saliba from the Phillipines. She is such an incredible missionary and I learned so much from her. We got to meet sooo many amazing people on the street including this lady named Yukiko and we taught her how to pray right there on the street and then she prayed with us! And the cool thing was, she actually lived in Saliba shimai's area so they got a new investigator! She was so nice and I was so pumped for them! It was just a really cool day. The other exchange we were with the sisters from Itoman and I was with Sister Curtis from St. George, Utah. We both knew each other from the Nagasaki zone way back when so it was a cool reunion. We met some really cool people too and gave out so many Book of Mormons. We also decided to go visit this one less-active and on the way there we bumped into a member who lived nearby and she was like "Here, I'll go with you!" So we went together and the less-active wasn't home. I asked her if there were any other people around that we could visit and she was like "there's an old lady who lives around here who is a member and she lives alone and probably would love if we visited." So we walked down these old side roads until we found her really old Okinawan house. She was this cute 93 year-old lady and she was so so happy to see us! She showed us pictures of all her grandchildren and it was so fun! She bore her testimony to us about the gospel and how she has seen the blessings in her life as she follows Jesus Christ and it was so inspiring. I defintiely could just see Christ in her eyes when we were speaking to her. It was just a really sweet experience.
Our investigators are doing really well! This past Sunday we fasted with one of our investgiators so that she can be able to ask her boss for days off on Sundays. We talked to her about how it will be a test of her faith but we know that God will help her. She really wants to go to church so bad! She is so amazing! Also, our other investigator had so many questions this week about the Plan of Salvation like Adam and Eve and it was interesting going deep into the scripture with her trying to figure it all out.
Anyways, this week I have been studying a lot about faith and what it really means in preparation for our upcoming zone conference. I have learned that faith in essence is trust in our Heavenly Father. It means relying on His will and hoping that through Him we can find joy. Faith brings us strength. I have learned on my mission that instead of relying on myself and my own strength, I have to rely on Him. I know that this is His work and He could easily do it himself but instead he has us imperfect servants do it. I know if we rely on Him, all things are possible. But He works according to our faith. I love the Savior and I know that as we will rely on Him he will give us that faith and that strength that we need. I love this work!
-Atwood shimai


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