May 20, 2018


Naha, Okinawa, Japan


Sister Glathar

Hello from Okinawa! - Week 20

Hello from the island of Okinawa! I just want to say that I know that last summer back in Nagasaki I complained about it being so hot and now that I am here in Okinawa during the summer I have TRULY come to understand what hot is. It is hot! And it's only May. BUT IT IS STILL SO GREAT, REALLY! Literally I am having a blast! I love Naha and my companion Sister Glathar. We have been so busy and teaching so many amazing people. I love missionary work so much!
I was riding an old missionary bike waiting for my bike to come to Okinawa and one day the bike chain broke and totally fell off and we stood there on the street for a while trying to fix it. And then this good Samartan garbage truck man stopped his truck and got out and without saying anything stooped down and helped us fix it! It was so nice of him! The Japanese people are just so Christlike and willing to help. Made me think back and think about how I want to be the person that stops and helps even when it's hard.
We met with our investigator Toume yesterday! She has a baptismal date for next month and we taught her about the importance of the Sabbath Day. She currently has a problem with getting off of work but we talked about the importance of the sacrament and based it off of her faith in the Savior. We told her that it is a trial of her faith and if she acts on her faith, believing that God will help her, she will be able to come to church. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and she told us that she knows that God will help her and how she wants to come to church. I have come to learn on my mission that really if we believe and have faith nothing is impossible with God on our side.
Anyways, this week all of the missionaries in Japan got to listen to a broadcast of Elder Renlund talking about missionary work. Elder Renlund and his wife talked about the importance of member missionary work. He talked about how member missionary work is like picking up something with chopsticks. One chopstick is members and the other is the missionaries. It's hard to pick up the item without the other. We need both: members and missionaries, to be able to do the Lord's work. We as members don't have to do big, difficult things like inviting someone to listen to the missionaries, we can be missionaries just by example! We can just be open about our beliefs and not be afraid to share them. We can be an example of the Savior and that is doing missionary work! I commit all of you to try one thing to share the gospel this week. I know that the Lord will bless you and help you.
I love you all! 愛しています!
Atwood shimai


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