March 11, 2018


Chikushino, Fukuoka, Japan


Sister Armstrong

Hello from Fukuoka! - Week 9

Spring has arrived here in Fukuoka!! Well, the Sakura (Cherry blossoms) haven't come yet but we are patiently waiting!! But, every day has been warmer since a long spell of rain. I love Spring in Japan! This week was sooo busy from biking from differeent appointments and going on companion exchanges and other things. We definitely came home tired every single day!
Me and Sister Armstrong have been doing so good! She is such an incredible misisonary and I have learned so much from my trainee already. We have so much fun together! She has so much faith and literally puts her shoulder to the wheel every single day.
This week we got to go to Maebaru which is like an hour away from Chikushino. We went there to do companion exchanges with the Sister Trainer Leaders. I was with Sister Boyd from Lehi, Utah and we saw SO many miracles that day!! We met so many amazing people and definitely saw the Lord's hand leading us to where we needed to go to find the people we needed to talk to that day. One lady we stopped at first seemed like she was in a hurry but then we talked to her a little it more and found that that she was coming to Maebaru to look at some new houses that her family was going to move into. We found out that her only son was moving here in Fukuoka to go to college. She was super nice and then we asked her if she could ask God one question, what would she ask and she started to break down crying. She then opened up about her family situation and how her mom is really sick and is dying and how she wants God to fix it all and she doesn't want her mom to suffer anymore. We bore testimony to her that through Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, we can find that peace and comfort that we are seeking. We told her that she can pray to God and ask for help and ask HIm to help her mother. She just looked like she was really listening to what we were saying. She thanked us a million times and in the end we asked her if we could pray together and she said yes. It was just such a cool, spiritual contact. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to meet so many people with so many different backgrounds and to help them see how the gospel can benefit them.
We also this week biked 40 minutes across town to visit a member where we did a roleplay lesson. Lately the missionaries and members have been meeting together and doing these lessons where the members act as investigators and we teach them. It helps us practice teaching and it helps the members grow their faith and want to share the gospel more! We did it to Sister Kamogawa and she is such a sweet young mom. Sister Armstrong taught her the Restoration all by herself for the first time while I was just sipping orange juice in the background. Haha, so proud of her! (I wasn't supposed to interfere because it was my companion's practice lesson, haha)
Yesterday, we also had a mission-wide prayer where we all the missionaries went to a high place in our areas and prayed for the Japanese peoples hearts to be softened. It was such a cool amazing experience where we as missionaries looked out at our area and all the people down there and how we can help them and how we have what they need. I just pondered about the joy that I've felt from the gospel and how I need to serve these people that I love, the Japanese people! I know that with the help of Heavenly Father, we as missionaries can do the Lord's work. This is His work and I'm grateful that He gives me the chance, us imperfect missionaries to do His work!
Anyways, life is good here down in Japan! 毎日はすごく楽しいです! この宣教師の経験にかんしゃしています!
Sister Atwood


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