March 4, 2018


Chikushino, Fukuoka, Japan


Sister Armstrong

Hello from Fukuoka! - Week 8

Happy March everyone!! This past week has been really awesome! Me and Sister Armstrong have been doing so great! She is such an amazing missionary and has so much faith and she has been helping me to lengthen my stride. We have seen so many miracles as we have gone out every day and worked until we come home exhausted. Spring has finally (sort of) arrived! It's pretty warm here now and the plum blossom trees have bloomed. The Chikushino area is famous in Japan for their plum blossoms. Unlike Sakura (Cherry Blossom) trees, they are of all different sorts of colors. We went to a shrine and took some pictures. It was awesome!
We have recently found so many amazing potential investigators. One of them being a young mom we stopped on the street with her cute daughter and when we asked her about God, she said that she believes in heaven and that she can go there when she dies. We told her that we can have eternal families and can really live with our families forever and she had interest in that. We set up an appointment for next week and she seemed way excited.
We also visited a sweet old lady in our ward who we did a role play lesson with her to help Sister Armstrong with her teaching. She showed us some pictures from her mission about 50 years ago in Japan. It was so much fun to hear about her stories from when she was a missionary.
With our investigator Ichimura, she is really progressing well but we are having a hard time with her accepting to be baptized. She has a lot of faith but she has concerns about this big change in her life. But yesterday at church I was pondering on how we can help Ichimura and one of the counselors in the mission presidency visited our Sunday School class and asked about our investigators. He suggested that we use family history to talk to Ichimura about her recently passed away husband and her ancestors. He talked about how family history helps investigators and recent converts learn about the importance of families and temples and helps them to stay strong in the church. He also said something interesting that whenever we are teaching, there are at least 100 ancestors with us right beside us teaching and praying for our investigators. I thought that was such a cool thought and I definitely know they are waiting for their descendants to accept the gospel so that they can be an eternal family. My mission really has made me learn so much about the importance of doing family history work.
Side note: we also got Sister Armstrong's new bike! We had to special order a extra small bike. You would think that Sister Armstrong being 5'0" and the size of most japanese people, they would have her size of bike. Haha!
Anyways, things are going well here in Chikushino. Love you all!!
Sister Atwood


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