January 28, 2018


Chikushino, Fukuoka, Japan


Sister Cordero

Hello from Fukuoka! - Week 3

Hello Everyone!
Life is good down here in Chikushino! This week has definitely been a rollercoaster of week, a bunch of ups and downs, but we pulled through! It was sooooo cold this last week and it snowed a couple of times. I am kinda of dying about how cold it is, but on a positive note, the snow is really beautiful when it falls. We saw so many miracles despite the rough parts of this week!
First off, a man that we met and gave a book of Mormon to while proselyting last last week came to our English class! He had already read 50 pages of the Book of Mormon! It surprised both me and Sister Cordero. Hopefully we'll be able to meet with him soon!
We also found a new investigator named Ana. When we were talking to her we talked about eternal families, it really perked her interest. She's a single mother and said she wants to live with her daughter forever. When we talked about how she can and it's possible through Jesus Christ, her face just lit up. I absolutely love telling people that there is hope after death and they can see their loved ones again in the next life.
We went visiting teaching with a lot of members this week and it was a lot of fun! Most of the time we really had no idea what was going on, but it was great getting the chance to help strengthen members.
I have also discovered that biking in the snow is definitely an interesting experience. I think I said last week that I definitely won't miss biking up hills in the heat after my mission. You can add biking in the snow to that list. Haha!
Anyways, we had one of the most AMAZING lessons this past week with our new investigator. We went to her house for a return appointment and so many times return appointments have fallen through so I wasn't really thinking much about it but then she actually let us in and we got to teach her! It was our first lesson so we just did the basics of talking about what we do as missionaries and about God and Jesus Christ. We showed her a video called "Because of Him" and it talks about eternal families in it. I felt prompted to ask her if she believes that she can have an eternal family and she said "I believe in it. I know that someday I'll see my husband again." Her husband had died 3 years earlier and she said she really missed him. We all sat together and cried together and talked about how we know we can see our loved ones again. I could see the change happening in Ichimura's (the investigator) heart as she was wanting that blessing. I love getting the opportunity of bringing this message of hope to these people here in Japan who have literally no idea what's in store and what blessings Heavenly Father is willing to give us. Truly, Heavenly Father loves us so much!
I am so grateful for the blessings that I have had on my mission. Sometimes I need to sit down and think about how blessed I have been. I am having a fantastic mission: great areas, great companions, and I have met so many great people. I'm so so grateful!
Sister Atwood


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