December 10, 2017


Futenma, Okinawa, Japan


Sister Torgerson

Hello from Okinawa! - Week 14

皆さん元気ですか? This week was really fun and went by so fast! Me and Sister Torgerson have definitely been taking Futenma by storm. We have had a lot of time for proselyting this week. We have met so many cool people and gave out tons of Book of Mormons. We had a great conversation with this woman who we knocked into. We talked to her about trials in our life. She told us that whenever she has hard times in her life, she tries to comtemplate what she needs to learn from all those experiences. We talked about how God gives us trials so that we can grow and learn how to be better people. It was definitely cool talking to someone who wasn't even Christian but believes in the same things as we do!
Recently we have been doing a lot of practice lessons with the Young Single Adults here in the Japanese ward. We recently met with めむ who was a convert when she lived in Hokkaido. She was really funny and gave us so much advice on how to make our teaching better. She told us about her conversion story and it was so cool! Hearing people's testimonies and conversion stories always strengthens my own testimony!
We also got to spend time with the senior missionary couple here in Futenma this week, the Regans. She made us dinner and then we spent some time together decorating her Christmas tree. It really made me feel at home decorating the tree and feeling the Christmas spirit. I'm so excited for Christmas in Japan!
We also had our District Conference for all of the Military branches here in Okinawa yesterday! Elder Choi from the Area seventy spoke and he talked a lot about becoming converted. He said that in order to become converted, we needed to change our thoughts. If we change our thoughts into more virtuous thoughts, we will be able to change our actions, which changes our habits, which changes our character, which changes our destiny. It made me think that in order to become like the Savior we need to have more righteous thoughts. In order to do that, we have to study more about the Savior, apply the Atonement into our lives, and then follow the commandments. It was really cool getting to hear from an Area Seventy at District Conference!
Anyways, life is good down in Okinawa! なんくるないさ!
Sister Atwood


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