October 30, 2017


Futenma, Okinawa, Japan


Sister Sato

Hello from Okinawa! - Week 8

Hello and Happy Halloween from the typhoon land of Okinawa! This week was great and filled with fun adventures and crazy typhoons! But, we were still able to do the Lord's work despite the crazy tempest raging around us. (Me and Sister Sato did in fact make a video of us in the storm singing the hymn, "Master, the Tempest is Raging")
On Saturday, a typhoon directly hit Okinawa and let's just say we were not prepared. We had to stay inside the whole day because there were 100+ mph winds and buckets of rain. Our whole apartment was shaking and I actually thought we were going to die. But we survived! and in the meantime we did some missionary work/proselyting through our phone and also made chicken karaage and folded paper cranes. It was a fun day despite the tempest raging outside. However, typhoons bring the cool weather and recently it has felt like the best California weather outside so I'm thankful for the typhoon. Sadly though, because of the typhoon, the trunk or treat for the American military branch was cancelled. We were pretty sad about that. Lol, I told sister Sato that she can come to California and enjoy the trunk or treat with us next year haha.
This week we have met with a couple of members and recently when we meet with members we do role-plays. We practice teaching them one of the five lessons and then we have them pretend to be an investigator. It helps us both ways because it helps us work on our teaching skills where they can give us feedback and it also strengthens them because they're getting a gospel lesson and getting them excited to do missionary work! It's been a really great experience so far.
As for a quick funny story: We were out one night proselyting and we stopped for a second to look at our maps under a street lamp and this man approached us and handed us juice boxes and asked if we could help him with his English and then proceeded to pull out a piece of paper with some English sentences he had written and asked if I could make any corrections. He was a very nice man but it really surpised me and Sister Sato, haha! After his question we talked to him for a bit and he said he knew the missionaries well and went to our English class (Eikaiwa) years back. We gave him one of our pamphlets and invited him back to Eikaiwa again. He then dissappeared back into the night. Sometimes the Lord leads people to you with juice boxes!!
This past transfer the "Christlike Attribute" I have been studying is humility. It has been great getting to read scriptures and general conference talks about humility and realizing the importance of being meek and humble like the Savior. Being truly humble means we will do whatever the Lord asks of us because we want to follow His will. I know that when we strive to be more humble, think more about others instead of ourselves, and strive to align ourselves to the Lord's will, we will find so many blessings in our lives, and the Lord will direct our paths. He will give us opportunites to grow and stretch and to become our best selves. I know that throughout my mission He has given me opportunites to be humble and think more of others and even though sometimes it can be hard. I know that the Lord wants what is best for me and He is helping me to be more Christlike. This mission is amazing and I love it!
愛しています! またね?
-Sister Atwood


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