October 22, 2017


Futenma, Okinawa, Japan


Sister Sato

Hello from Okinawa! - Week 7

Hello everyone from the lovely island of Okinawa! The work here is great and we have been so busy! Next week is even busier and we are excited because busy is good. Anyways, this week we got 4 new investigators! Two of them are formal investigators which means they were investigating the church a long time ago. This is the most new investigators I've gotten in a week on my mission. I'm really proud of the hard work that me and Sister Sato have put in and we're also so grateful to Heavenly Father for this blessing.
This past weekend we had a typhoon!! It only lasted a short time and wasn't too bad but still, the wind was a little crazy. We love typhoons here though because they bring in the cool weather! We were still able to proselyting during the storm and we saw so many cool miracles!
One of our new investigators this week we found was Yoshimi. During the midst of the crazy typhoon storm going on around us, we knocked into her tiny apartment and she let us inside because of the crazy wind and rain. We continued to talk to her for a while and she talked to us about her life. She moved here to this city about a year ago after having some family problems, basically being kicked out of her family. She hasn't talked to or seen her daughter or other family members in a while. She said that she has never felt so lonely and she felt like she had lost all hope. We talked to her about God and how He loves her and how He cares for her and knows what she is going through. Even during the hard times, God is still pouring down blessings upon us and we can still be grateful for what we have. Yoshimi's face almost lit up and I could see a little brightness of hope spark in her eyes. She really enjoyed what we were saying and kept saying how grateful she was that we knocked into her and met her and was like "I can't believe you guys are doing this in this crazy weather!" She invited us to come back and wanted to hear more about God. It was an incredible miracle! I know that the reason I came on my mission is for people like her. She is now able to feel that hope in her life through the gospel.
Anyways, this week marks the halfway point of my mission. I absolutely can't believe how fast the time has flown. I wrote in my journal one day a long entry of all the things that I have learned so far in my mission and I wish I could expound on all of it but Yoshimi's experience and our recent typhoon made me ponder these thoughts: Throughout the storms of life, there can still be happiness and joy through the gospel of Jesus Christ. In that crazy storm on a tiny island of Okinawa, there were two sister missionaries and a sweet Japanese woman talking about God and sharing experiences of hope and faith. I know that throughout the storms of life, there can still be moments of light and hope and faith. We will all go through storms in our life but if we turn to the Savior we can find that hope and faith. We can have light in our lives and hope for the better. The Savior will always give us that hope. It is crucial to have a positve attitude of hope during the storms of life, or the rain and the wind will continue to beat on us and it will never change. We need to just put on the rain suit, go out there, and focus on the Savior and others, and the rain and wind will either cease or become bearable for us. I have a testimony that Jesus Christ is my Savior and through Him, we can have hope and light through the storms that come in this life.
I love my mission and I'm grateful for this experience to bring the hope and light that comes from the gospel to those who desperately need it. 日本を愛しています. この伝導機会に心から感謝しています.
-Sister Atwood


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