September 24, 2017


Futenma, Okinawa, Japan


Sister Sato

Hello from Okinawa! - Week 3

Wow, it's so crazy that it's almost the end of September! Man, time is flying fast. It's still so hot here in Okinawa. I thought I was gonna escape the heat and also the hills in Nagasaki but then Okinawa was like "HAH YOU THOUGHT". This week we climbed a mountain much like a mountain I'm very familiar with in Nagasaki. The climb up was crazy, but the view was beautiful at the top. We could see all of the ocean and the horizon around us. Just goes back to my email a couple of weeks ago about how climbing mountains relates to life. It's all worth it for the view at the top. We just need to keep going!
Anyways, so back to this day of climbing mountains, after we went up the mountain and back down the mountain, we were on the other side of the island and it was so inaka (or countryside). We were straight in the middle of nowhere with tons of fields and old houses. It was soooo cool. We kinda were just wandering around by the Spirit not really sure where to go and we eventually found this little patch of houses in the middle of nowhere. We decided to knock the whole block and the first house we knocked on, this old lady answered the door. We were talking to her for a while and she talked about her family and how she was 80 years old. On the TV in the background she had sumo wrestiling playing. Eventually she was like "come inside!" and so we awkwardly walked in and sat on the couch next to her scary looking husband who was sucked into the sumo wresting playing on the TV. She commanded us to watch and then she brought out this really old candy and she commanded us to eat it. It was very scary but really funny at the same time. We just sat there awkwardly in silence eating this hard-rock candy and trying to not watch the sumo wrestling. We eventually said that we had to leave and scooted on out of there. It was getting late and we were wondering whether or not to leave and we felt that we needed to stay so we were like "well, let's finish the rest of these houses and hopefully that doesn't happen again!" We ended up talking to a lot of good people and made a return appointment with one of them!
Another cool lady we ran into this week used to live in America for a long time so her English was so good. She talked to us about how her husband died a long time ago and that she misses him every day. We then talked about how she can see her husband again one day and she said "I already believe that! I know that God exists. When my husband was dying he said to me 'When I die, don't cry because I'm going home.'" It was that moment that it hit me really hard that it is so true. We really are on the path that will lead us home to our Heavenly Father one day. That woman's faith was a testimony to me that our Heavenly Father lives and that we really can have eternal families and one day we will be able to live with God again.
Earlier this week we had Zone Conference in Naha and it was really incredible! President Egan talked about the importance of setting goals. When he was in the amusement park business, he worked with a lot of different amusement parks and helped them to improve their parks and learn how to make more money and such. He talked about how one time he was hired to help out all the Legolands and how he got to the company and was like "What are your company's goals?" and the employees realized that they didn't really have any goals. President Egan told them that their park could at least make $1 million each year even though they were currently making only $200,000. The employees at first scoffed at that thinking that it was impossible but then President Egan looked at their income on a daily basis and broke down the $1 million goal into tons of tiny goals and they they realized that they only needed to make about $200 more per day to reach their goal. Once they broke down the bigger goals into smaller goals they were able to see how they could complete their huge goal of $1 million! President Egan taught us that we needed to set high goals with high expectations. When we set goals for ourselves that make us stretch, we can reach even newer heights we never thought before that we could hit! I realized that day the importance of goals setting and that we can really achieve anything we put our mind to as long as we believe we can and work our absolute hardest.
Anyways, I wish I could write more but I don't have a lot of time! This week was awesome! Love Okinawa and love being a missionary!
Sister Atwood


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