October 16, 2016




Hermana Adams

Week 3

Hey all!!!
1) My DL (District Leader) has an SD converter so he´s going to let me use it from now on. I didn´t take any pics this week because i didn´t think it would work. but i´ll make sure to send some next week.
2) My distrito is absolutely amazing!!! ya 4 hermanas 6 elderes. My compañera and I are going to Louisiana, the other hermanas are going to Tuscan, Arizona, 3 elderes are going to Chicago and the other 3 are going to Tuscan, Arisona as well. We seriously have the best time together. We are pretty much like a new family here. We´ve already given each other our emails so we can keep in touch when we leave in 2 weeks and are planning on having a reunion when we all get home.
3) I got them on Tuesday. (I sent her a dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts through a mail package service located in Mexico City to celebrate her half-way point.) My distrito loved them. And they loved the parable as well. When i read it to them the spirit got so strong at the end. It was an amazing story.
This week was definitely one of the slower weeks here. I got sick on friday and wasn´t able to go to class. Turns out I got an intestine infection or flu bug thingy. So i slept most of saturday and sunday and some of monday, then forced myself to go to class tuesday and wednesday because i was sick of sleeping and wanted to teach again. Still not feeling 100% yet. Had a blood test done yesterday so i should get the results sometime today. so this week wasn´t extremely eventful. Oh and Friday i got heat prostration. I got to play soccer with some of the hermanas here and of course played keeper. I seriously had so much fun. I forgot how much fun being keep was. (goalie) The ball was super hard though it was way over pumped and some of the Elders started shooting on me as soon as they saw that I was actually pretty good. So my whole right shin is basically this massive bruise. It´s gorgeous!! haha. Apparently i got brought up in a different distrito because of my bruises. haha. I´ve gotten some awesome reactions from the Elderes though. ;)
Yesterday we had our first TRC with members. (I don't know what it stands for but Emilie said it is when members come in and roll play with them pretending to be investigators so they can practice teaching.) It was seriously one of my favorite things this week. Well it was one of the only things i did this week. But anyway. we talked about prayer and it was super great because our first member was this sweet old lady and she pretty much taught us about prayer and how important it is in our lives. it was amazing!! and then in our second lesson, it was this younger girl and the spirit was so strong in that lesson. While Hna Adams was sharing an experiencia about how prayer helped her know that the church was true, she started crying and so did the member. and then at the end of the lesson we asked the member to say the prayer and during it she started crying. It was an amazing experiencia!!!
Also, we hermanas have been noticing that there have been some struggling elderes in our distrito so we decided that we were going to write every elder a letter. we just finished writing the last 3 today. We haven´t given the letters to them yet, but the elders that we have given letters to so far have loved them. Especially, one elder who has been off and on about going home and staying. We've written him 2 letters now and i think they are helping him and letting him know that we love him and how strong we think he is. He is seriously one of my favorite elders. I talk to him all the time. He has these crazy amazing facts in his head about space and science and molecules and such and we just sit there for hours just talking about space. well he does, i try to understand it by bringing in Dr. Who or something like that. :) Anyway, so that´s been a really amazing feeling to be helping the elderes and giving them a little support and love. We always tell them that we love them like an elder. haha it´s a distrito joke.
So today we got to go to the temple again which was amazing!!! I didn´t use the headphones so it was all in spanish and i was amazed at how much i understood and followed along. I loved listening to it is spanish. and the celestial room is GORGEOUS!!!!
On the way back from the temple my distrito was sitting in the back and we were stopped at a light and there were these guys in nice suits standing on the side of the road. One of them waved to me so i waved back and then he blew me a kiss. it totally made my day. The latinos literally are so funny and nice. I don´t think i´ve met one latino with a bad attitude or anything like that. and they always wave back when we wave to them from the bus.

This week has really been focused on the poder de oracion. Oracion es muy importante en nuestros vidas. (power of prayer. Prayer is very important in our lives.) While in TRC i realized how kind important prayer is to the latinas here. Every prayer i´ve heard from them has been amazing. They do just as Enos does and pour out their whole souls to God. I´ve learned a lot about what pouring out your whole soul looks like and so i´ve been trying to apply that more in my prayers. Every morning and evening i think about everything i could possibly thank my Heavenly Father for make sure that he knows that I love him and am grateful for everything he has blessed me with. It´s amazing what a difference it has made already. He´s really helped me this week in continuing to go to class and learn even though my body feels like it should be sleeping. I´ve learned more about the gospel and Español then i think i´ve ever learned in my life. I don´t think there is anything quite like being at the CCM with other missionaries.

Anyway, so that was this week. Love the letters I have been getting from people. I love reading them and hearing what you all are doing and the fun things that are happening to you guys.
Keep sending them. It´s one of my favorite times of the day to check mail. ;)
Love you all
Hermana Neu

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Kerrie Neu says:
I can see how happy you are. A couple of questions for you 1. Where are you when the picture of the christ was taken.? And who were they in the picture outside the temple?
on October 16, 2016

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