October 6, 2016




Hermana Adams

Hermana Neu Week 2

This is Kerrie writing in green text.  When I sent out Chris' letters, sometimes I had to write a note of explanation or translation.  I used green for my own notes.  I think I will introduce this color coding of text for this week, because I want to add an explanation.  Emilie didn't have her USB card reader.  She'll explain about it, but unfortunately it didn't work to put her card in her companions' camera.  So she couldn't send us the pictures of the letter she had written this week.  Instead, she sent some pictures from her companion's camera and wrote as much as she could in the short time.  She said she will try to find her camera cord and send both letters next week.  

Hola mama.  So I can´t find my adapter USB for my camera for some reason, I think someone stole it because it is not anywhere in my suitcases or purse.  Which kinda sucks so Hma Adams is going to let me put my card in her camera and then upload it for me so i can send it to you.  (That didn't work and so these are the pieces of e-mails she sent to me as she tried to figure out how to get her photos and letters to me.)

Questions1) The weather has been really nice this week. We have gotten so much sun. It´s been crazy hot but it´s made it so we can actually go and play sand volleyball almost every day which is seriously the best thing ever!!!  we get quite a lot of people who know how to play. there´s this one guy in our zone who found out i could play and we started setting each other. oh man, my spike is getting so good. and so is my overhand serve. I can get it to drop right over the net with a back spin on it. OH it makes me so happy!!! :)2) Conference was literally amazing. Watching Conference with 750+ missionaries in the same room was the coolest experience ever.  The spirit was so strong.  I saw dad a couple of times.  I loved the close up of Ray. that was awesome.  :)3) my favorite experience was when the MTC choir was singing and we got to sing Called To Serve with them. Oh man i loved it so much. Every one here was singing full voice and the room was just filled with the testimonies of every single missionary.4(Did you eat all of the cookies up yet?) not yet.  I think we have like 3 more cookies.  so we are running a bit low. wink wink nudge nudge. ;)5) (Did you get the letter with the bumblee sticker and did you put it on the back of your tag to remember to live boldly?)  yes i did and i am. And i gave the other sparkly stickers to my roomates. they loved them. i wear my plaque with both stickers on it all the time. (The sparkly stickers were part of a card I had for her to open her first week that said, "Dont' forget your sparkle".)6. (Do you get to go to the temple while at the CCM?) It was absolutely amazing. We did a spanish session and i chose to go without headphones. I wanted to see how much i could understand. and i actually understood quite a lot of it.  I was really happy.  It was really cool to hear it all in spanish. we had our own session for the CCM misionries because of how many there were. 

Well, this week was amazing!! started out rough but i got a blessing from my district elders and that really helped a lot. the elder who performed it, it was his first time but he gave an amazing blessing.  conference was amazing to watch, especially with all of the misionerios here.  my favorite part was singing Called to Serve with the Provo MTC and thinking about all the other misionarios singing it with us.  such a cool experience. Ioved seeing Dad, Ray and Boyd in the motab.  i pointed them out to my district. they thought it was super cool.  We taught our Zone leaders in spanish yesterday which was super crazy, but it was ok. we actually were able to teach quite a bit. we taught about prayer and taught them how to pray. it was pretty cool. Our lessons are getting better and better and we are learning more of what we should and shouldn´t do in lessons. I´m getting really good at volleyball. since the sun decided to come out this week we have been playing a lot of sand volleyball and it has been the best.  I´ve finally gotten my spike and over hand serve to have a forward spin on it so once it crosses the net it just drops.  it makes me super happy.  also this elder in our zone, found out that i could play and so we have started setting each other up for spikes. it makes it so much more fun.    this week is going to be super short cause i don´t have a lot of time. next week i will bring the cord to my camera so i can download this weeks letter and next week. 
Love you all. Hermana NeuOh mom, you should tell them about the online letter thing. I would love to hear more from people throughout the week.  :)  i love getting mail.

So here is a link to send Emilie a letter.  
<a href=""></a>

Click on the link.  Write in her name and your name.  You don't need her district.  Then write your message and click submit.  They will print the letter and give it to her that day or the next depending on what time you write.  As you can see, she is PLEADING for letters!!!  If you have time, just send her a quick note or thought and she would love it!  This way she can get mail all through the week and it gives her encouragement when things are tough. Thanks on her behalf!


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