September 29, 2016




Hermana Adams

Week 1

Hola Familia!!!!!!
1. Hermana Emilie Anne Neu will work great for the plaque.
2. Yes i was able to buy tennis shoes but they are about 2 sizes to big so i just stuck some paper in them so that i´m not sliding around a lot. but they are super nice other than the size. they didn´t have any shoes in my size. which was super weird but oh well.
3. This first week has been absolutely amazing. Everyone was telling us to just make it till Sunday but we were loving every minute of every day. It has been so much fun.
4. Yes i have lots of pictures i will attach them. I also have a video that I later found out was not supposed to use but it´s a great video so that will probably be the only one. :)
5. Probably my district and gym time. My district is litteraly the best districto ever! there are two companionships of sisters and 3 elders so we have 10 misionarios total. we get along so well and have so much fun talking and hanging out. Gym time is also amazing because we play volleyball, basketball or soccer. We aren´t allowed to play contact sports with the elders so we play lightning which i won one of the games. It was elder Koceja and i at the end and somehow i made a swish before he made his basketball. it was super crazy and really tiring but so exhilerating.
6. Mi compañera es muy bueno. her name is Hermana Adams, she is from Syracuse Utah. She plays volleyball and is going to Louisiana with me. We have so much fun playing volleyball and goofing around.
7. Yes i have loved getting the letters and the package. Hermana Jones and I are the only misionarios who are getting letters daily right now, and for us it´s amazing cause we get to hear about all of the things you guys are doing but the otro misionarios feel kinda left out so they are emailing home to ask their parents for letters. :) My district loved the cookies. They said Gracias Mama Neu. Basically they said you are our new District mom. :)
8. haha yes we do have a nutella bar in the CCM. It´s my favorite part of the meal. :)
9. no. i actually accidently dropped my alarm clock from the top bunk where i´m sleeping and it actually fixed it. The light is working now and so is the buzz alarm. So I haven´t had to.

yeppers! it´s literally been raining almost 24/7 here and it like down pours. we´ve been getting drenched. it would be really nice to have boots now. we should have packed them for mexico. :) haha. i´ve seen a couple of hermanas with galoshes here and i´m super jealous. at the end of the day my feet are usually super cold. I´m surprised i haven´t gotten sick yet from all the rain and cold feet. but that´s probably cause i jump right into bed when we get home and get ready for bed

I wrote my letter and took pictures of it so i will attach those and other pictures. It´s been such a great week here.
LOVE YA!!!!!​​​
Hermana Neu


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