March 14, 2016


Nishiwaki, Hyogo


Omisaki Shimai


Hello friends and family!

Another week gone by, and lots of changes have come with it.

One thing that isn't changing- I'm in Nishiwaki for another month and a half! I'm going on month 5 now, and I love this place so much. I'm so glad that I still get to be here.

My companion and the other two sisters in our apartment, however, are changing :(

I know God loves me because he let me work with Bean Shimai for 4 1/2 months in the best place ever! I'm so lucky to have met so many best friends through my mission. She's definitely one of them:) she left
for America this past Friday, and is now killing it with the sister missionaries there.

Taking her place as my new companion is Omisaki Shimai! (Woohoo, Japanese companion #2!) she's a recent convert of three years who got baptized when she was 20. She was working as a nurse, but stopped her
job to become a missionary. She has sacrificed more to be a missionary than anyone else I have ever met, and I'm so pumped to work with her and learn from her! Stories to come later.

So, here's the down low on some of the people we're meeting right now:

- S family; mom and daughter are still awesome. They want to be baptized, they love church. They just want S papa to be baptized too, so that they can all be together forever as a family! I guess he went to a class at church that was a bit overwhelming, and he felt like he wanted to study more before going to that class again- we're going to focus on helping him get a good foundation in the gospel.

- Ishi family: they met the missionaries two months ago, and have been learning as a family (dad, 15 yr old son, 12 yr old daughter). They became our investigators this past week, and it has definitely been an interesting experience. The dad loves to ask really deep, difficult
questions- and he drinks every day right when he gets home from work, which equals long, deep conversations. Pretty much every time he has met the missionaries, it has been after drinking (which makes it really hard to understand what missionaries and the Holy Ghost are
trying to say). We asked if we could come at a time when he isn't drinking, and he said "if you come at 5 in the morning before I go to work, I won't be drunk." .... So that's what we did this morning! And it was much, much better. :) Now to find a member who will come with
us that early...

- Ko san- super cool lady who met us in a really random way. I gave a heart to a random old lady on it that said "smile". That old lady gave the heart to Ko San. Then Ko San saw bean Shimai and her companion, and said "hey, I just got this heart!".. Turns out bean Shimai had made that little paper heart. Anyways, little paper heart dendo,
everybody! ( but for real though, got to share the message of the restoration, and she's reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it!)

And there's SO many more people who are waiting to hear this gospel here. Just got to find them! :)

I feel like I say this every week, but I am just coming to love repentance a whole lot, and I am learning to appreciate the beauty of the Savior's ability to lift us up without looking down on us. I know it would be understandable for Him to be frustrated with us, but He
doesn't do that- he just loves us and helps us get to where we need to be.

I'm thankful for the atonement, I'm thankful for missionaries and members around me who teach me about the atonement, I'm thankful for the Book of Mormon, and I'm thankful for be here in Nishiwaki for
another 6 weeks:)

Love you all! Let the Savior lift you up this week:) He will, I promise!


1. My new fav hat
2/3 my new companions stuff got to the apartment in this big, taped
together tower of boxes... Too good.


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