February 8, 2016


Nishiwaki, Hyogo


Bean Shimai


Hope you all felt God`s love sometime last week- - He sure does love you a lot!

So funny story, both Bean Shimai and I are really bad at writing emails, so we decided to collaborate. She`s writing half and I`m writing half, so.. yoroshiku. (please look over this warmly)!


We started off the week with the holiday tradition of Setsubun. Where you face exactly Southeast and you are not allowed to talk while you eat this giant sushi roll. If I was to measure it I would say that it is about 8-9 inches long. During that time you think of a negai (wish) or something. If you talk then it's bad luck.. so we didn`t talk. Just munched thoughtfully. mmm

Tuesday- went to Kobe and received a lot of revelation to help our area while in slippers. We have this problem where we always seem to end up running to the eki (train station). I don't know why it happens but it does. So for three transfers now we run to the eki to make our inaka train. You would think we would be more motivated to do sprint training in the morning or something.. We just always end up running with Lots of Books of Mormons. Just more determination to pass them out!

Wednesday- We were biking home a few weeks ago and stopped to ping pong (door bell) an apartment, met a super fun family, right? We went back this week, and the 17 year old girl sees us and she`s like `wait let me go get my phone`.. and then she pulls up our Instagram accounts. It was super funny, she went and found us. Anyways we were able to get to know her better, and talk to her about how life is sometimes hard, but when God is helping us we can do anything. We shared the story about Nephi building a boat in the Book of Mormon, and how he had no idea what he was doing, but when God helped him out he was able to build it. She thought it was a really awesome story, and told us how she believes the same! She`s really cool. I want these young people to be at church!

Thursday=ramen day. and Ramen day = Good day
We ate ramen with our fabulous friend Aya. she o-susume`d (recommended) a place so we went together. She was willing to pray with us in the middle of the restaurant and when we were done she even asked if we needed to pray at the end of the meal. We said it was okay to just pray at the beginning, but I love her enthusiasm. We mogi`d (role play) the restoration at a members house and prayed with them. Right now we are praying as a mission everyday so that we can see baptisms weekly in our areas. It feels really good to be united as a mission in a goal. So where ever we are at at 6pm we stop and pray, and if we are in a lesson we invite the people to pray with us. The power of prayer is real!

Friday- The lovely Toyooka Sisters came over for a companion exchange, and we LOVE when they come because awesome miracles happen! Oswald shimai and I were biking, and felt like we should turn around and go back to another apartment building. When we did, we saw the coolest car in the world. I can`t describe it, but if the batmobile was morphed with a van covered in paintings of tigers, you can start to get an image.
Anyways! We went to go talk to the cool people who own this car, and a teenage kid opens the door. we introduced ourselves and asked if he thinks god is real, and he totally surprised us by saying `Yeah i do`. (You don't get very many teenagers who think about that here). When we asked why, he used a word that I`ve only ever heard missionaries and church members say- `kiseki` (miracles) He believes in miracles! We were able to tell him that yeah, God works miracles every day! He was really cool, and so was his family. we'll be meeting them again this week.

Also- Bean shimai met with S family! Sorry, never reported on how that is going. They want more time to study and learn, but we're still seeing them and they're still great! Won't be getting baptized this week, but they will be soon.

Saturday- we met Japanese Will Smith! He has a super cute family. We love cute families. We also met a person who has met with missionaries before and made an appointment with us for tonight, so yay for God's guidance!

Sunday- I'll be honest- church was a little bit less happy than usual. S family didn`t come, and no one else did, which is a really big deal. So I was feeling a bit down about the work we did this past week. We met so many awesome people and saw so many good things, but when it all comes down them coming to church and no one comes, it's sad. I caught myself being negative and I didn't like it, but I also didn`t really know what to do to fix it.

I guess it's different for every situation, but this time it was the testimony of a member that helped me out. She talked about how her and her husband are happy every day, 100% because of the gospel. She also talked about how if you asked them 10 years ago if they thought they could be happy every day, they both would have answered `no`. She said there were some days when they didn't have much hope. However, through hanging on to their faith in Jesus Christ, they have become happier and happier, and progressed to the point where they're at now.

That's what it's all about, right? Progress. Just because we have bad days, just because we fall short and feel bad doesn't mean the future is bad, it doesn't mean hope is gone, it doesn't mean we can't change the situation.

So after hearing that, I decided to do better this next week to get people to church. Stay tuned!

Whenever we feel like we have fallen short, please remember that God doesn't want us to feel bad about it; He wants us to smile, have hope, and say `I'll be better tomorrow!` And he will help us be better. I felt that yesterday, and it turned a bad day into a REALLY good one.

Let`s today a good day, and tomorrow a better:) God will help us, I promise!


1. Kobe zone
2. Ramen dendo
3. Heart attacked a kid in our ward for his bday, he likes what he sees!


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