October 19, 2015


Hashimoto, Wakayama


Nakamura Shimai

Sakai Blitzkreig (and lots of exchanges!)‏

Two companion exchanges this week: Hopkins Shimai, and Arnold shimai.
Miracles from each:
1. It was late, and Hopkins Shimai and I were looking for a place to find god's elect people, and we both had our eyes set on this building on top of a hill. We walk up the hill, only to find out that this big building was actually a jr high school. Whoops. But anyways, at the school, we met three really cool teachers. We asked if they'd ever been to church before, and they said no because it's scary. Hopkins Shimai pointed to me and asked "is she scary?" "Well, no..." "Well we can make her scary!" *pulls the witch hat out of her bag and puts it on my head*. They laughed and thought it was pretty funny. They said they'd come to our Halloween party!
2. Arnold Shimai and I were biking, and we took the wrong road. Stopped and talked to this cute girl in the picture, who happens to be super interested in learning about God- bam, new investigator. :)

Okay folks, here it is: the Sakai blitzkreig. So there's a particular area in our stake that has been facing some challenges. To boost them up, on Friday morning me, Nakamura Shimai, and the zone leaders headed to Sakai for a 5 hour blitz! We 10 missionaries set a goal to conquer Sakai and teach 20 lessons during those 5 hours. Then, split up, and got to work! As we got together at the end of that quick blitz and shared stories, the total came to: 17 lessons, two new investigators, lots of amazing people met, and a less active who said she wants to come to church! I got to work with my beloved MTC companion for the day, and it was a blast:)

Lots of good lessons were learned that day: but most importantly, we learned that this work is so fun! There are lots of things that we can allow ourselves to be weighed down by. Weaknesses with the language, people telling us no, not knowing where to go or who to talk to or what would be best to say- but if we're being honest with ourselves, even the best of us missionaries is nothing. Without God working miracles for us, we would never be able to help anyone. But as long as we're worthy and faithful, he makes great things happen by that faith. I know that that is true:)

Life is hard, minasan! But it is good. Thanks for the prayers, they are much appreciated:) God loves you!

1. Love these awesome missionaries! (Not pictured- zone leaders. Zannen.)
2. Comtois Shimai(^^)


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