October 12, 2015


Hashimoto, Wakayama


Nakamura Shimai

Hi Mom

The members in this church are so amazing. It's so hard for them to do genealogy work for their family- requirements are strict, there's a lot that they can't do because only the direct descendant can access the records, and then there's only so far you can go back- maybe 150 years or so- and then all of the records are destroyed. These members work so hard though, and I know that if I keep up my language skills I can join them in teaching their ancestors after this life! So excited. But for now, to get as many people on our side during this life is the focus. :)

I'm so excited to meet your visiting teaching lady! I will definitely be her best friend. Japanese people are so nice, they give us so many little gifts like that. It's crazy.

I got to watch conference, I loved it! So many amazing talks. I watched it in Japanese on daturday, but I would read the talks in English as I listened. It was really cool to realize how true this gospel is, no matter what language you hear it in! I loved all of the talks by the new 3 apostles. They are all amazing, and I learned so much from them. One of them, elder Stevenson, is the first apostle to be fluent in Japanese. All of the members were pretty excited about that. Also, how cute is Aoyagi choro? I prayed/sang a musical number in front of him and his wife! All of the members love him so much and I am hoping he is called to be the temple president for the Sapporo temple. The Aoyagi's are amazing.

This time, instead of taking notes on what people said for conference (I can just read it afterwards, no sense in me writing it down again) I paid attention more to things that I felt and thought as they talked. I prepared a lot of questions, and found so many answers. I felt the spirit so strongly. I have a greater desire to follow the Lord and his chosen leaders! I felt again how true this gospel is, and how lucky I am to be sharing it. So overall- it was a really good few days.:)

Being a leader is hard because you have to step outside the oblivious "everyone is awesome and life is good" bubble. I had no idea how many problems there are! I keep thinking of this quote by president eyring: "When you meet someone, treat them as if they were in serious trouble, and you will be right more than half the time.” I knew it applied to nonmembers of course, but now I realize it really does apply to everyone. There are so many people who don't want to work, don't know how to work, don't want to be obedient, have health and mental problems.. Mission presidents lives are crazy. I'm really glad I have a better idea of how things are though, because how can you help people if you don't know? Amd I know no matter where I go, there are going to be problems like this. Bishops, relief society leaders, stake presidents- their lives are hard! Actually, anyone with stewardship over any people have hard lives. Teachers, parents... It's crazy. We have to set a good example and lead by the spirit and correct when needed, or they are not able to fulfill the expectations the Lord has for them.

Long story short- I'm learning so much! And I received a lot of good guidance and counsel from general conference. So thankful!

Life is good. I'm doing well, I'm happy:) so happy. Love you, have a good week!


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