September 14, 2015


Higashi Osaka


Rowe Shimai

8 Months L8TR! (No way)!

Dear Friends and Fam,

Another month down. なんでやねん! (no way!)

But enough of that, no time to reflect on how time is going by 1000x too fast. To the miracles of the week!

- Monday: We had about 30 minutes to find for the night. Decided to go find some people near the big train station by our house, but we forgot to say a prayer before. Everyone knows that prayer is the battery that keeps this work going, so we pulled to the side, said a quick prayer, and the next two people that we talked to were amazing. Prayer works everyone!

- Tuesday: We were walking to an appointment, and we say hello to a lady walking next to us. She sees our nametags, and asks `Do you believe in God?`- we told her yes, and she was so excited. She just started gushing about how much she loves to meet people who believe in God, how she knows He is there because of a miracle in her life, and how us meeting was God`s guidance! We agreed, and were able to share our testimonies about our Heavenly Father who loves her. His timing is the best!

- Wednesday: In our mixed english, Japanese, and chinese (aw yeahhh) we were able to help our new chinese friend learn how to talk to her Heavenly Father who loves her and wants to help her and guide her. She was SO excited. she said `I feel so lost! I want His help!` We gave her the only chinese pamhplet we had (it has been sitting on the table in the church for a while now and I always wondered why it was there- thank you Kamisama!) and she said she would read it and pray for the first time. :)

- Thursday: on a bike ride home, we met the cutest family ever. We love meeting families!

- Friday: Ran into a cute junior high school volleyball team and became quick friends. Played rock paper scissors to see if they would watch a video, or sing a song- they won, so we got to sing `As Sisters in Zion` together with the ten-ish girls there. so fun.

-Sat: After a long, 14 km walking day of visiting people who weren`t home, we decided to go visit a less active family. They weren`t home either. BUT. On our way back from their house, we ran into Eri- the cutest 19 year old girl who is super interested in Christianity! She texted us later that night, and said `I`m so thankful to God that we met today!`.... (^^)

-Sunday: An investigator and her children surprised us by coming to church! They had never been before, so they were a bit nervous- but we were so glad they came、and so were the members!

... and many, many more unseen.:)

I feel like I say the same thing almost every week, but how can I not when I see these kind of miracles on a weekly basis? I definitely know that our Heavenly Father knows his children one by one! He knows their fears, their strengths, their language, their potential- and He has a plan for every one of them! I don`t know the details, but I do know that each of those plans ideally ends with an infinitely happy family. So thankful that I get to play a small part in helping my ai suru brothers and sisters learn about that every day:)

Life is good! Have a great week!

1. Selfies for days, sorry. Cute Sri Lanhkan family
2. Baby girl
3. Stake conference with the Welch's
4. This may not look very good, but we've started Thai curry Thursday's, and YUM!


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