September 7, 2015


Higashi Osaka


Rowe Shimai

Neighbors=Rescue Crews

Today was Osaka Castle part two, which = not much time for anything else (including this email!)

Quickly- good things seen this week include:

- We added another person to the (vietnamese, sri lankhan, pakistanian, phillipina, japanese) people that we`re meeting with- we made a new friend who moved here from China! She is a doll. I love the city, so much variety!

-The cutest recent convert couple in my ward just had a baby. She is precious.

- A less active lady we are meeting with agreed to come to church for the ! she is so cute.

- I got to stand barefoot on real, actual grass for the first time on my mission- it was a good day.

- We were able to attend stake conference, and it felt just like home! There were kids being fussy, babies crying, lots of people, and it was great. Our stake presidents vision is to have the Kansai Temple announced within the next few years- and no one can hear that and not be excited to be a member of the Osaka Stake! We as members of the church have such an exciting opportunity to be apart of this work in our day and age.

During stake conference, my mission president`s wife told a story that I liked a lot- during a big earthquake in Japan a few years ago, more people were saved by their neighbors than by the rescue crews. It makes sense- rescue crews don`t know how many people to be looking for in the rubble, they don`t know where people work or what they look like- they do their best, but they can`t do it all! As neighbors took care of eachother, many people were saved.

As a full time missionaries, I guess we could be seen as the rescue crews- we have the uniforms, the badges, the training. But there`s a lot of people to rescue, and we don`t know them all- with all the good that we can do, there`s still people left behind. It`s much easier to work with people when you know them, and that`s where being a good neighbor comes in! As neighbors and rescue crews work together, the result is a lot more safe, happy families and individuals.

So minasan- never forget the importance of loving your neighbors! And never forget that in this great work of the lord, we`re all on the same team, working towards the same goal. It really is the best work. I`m thankful to be a part of it, and i`m thankful for the many prayers coming my way! They really are felt :)



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