August 24, 2015


Higashi Osaka


Rowe Shimai


It`s always a good day here in Higashi Osaka.Through the ups and downs and `zannen` (bummer) things, the church is true and we`re relying on the Lord!

Anyways, we`re making the attempt to get to Osaka Castle today, so this email will be mostly fun pictures/videos to try to keep things short!

Good things:
- two cute moms and their cute families became new investigators- whoo! I hope they`ll be able to find what they don`t know that they`re looking for in our fantastic message.

- I taught our advanced Ekaiwa class for the first time this week, and let me tell you- these ekaiwa students mean business. They probably know more about the English Language than I do. I opened up the class to questions、 and our first discussion topic was the pro`s and con`s of gun control in the united states. Why not? Ekaiwa will be fun this next month.

- This week, we didn`t take a wrong train even once. やった! Actually, as I was sitting across from my awesome companion one train ride, I got to watch her as she taught two ladies about family history work all by herself! What?! She is so cool. She`s a better missionary week two than I was month 5. It`s casual.

- To add to our list of fun people from all over the world that we`re meeting with (Vietnam, Phillipines, Pakistan, Japan)- we met a cute family who moved here from Sri Lanka! It`s so fun being exposed to so many different cultures, and it`s also fun speaking english. (I do love Japanese though, promise!)

And finally- The pinnacle of this week was the natsu matsuri (summer festival).

Videos and explanations will follow, but we were dressed up in our Yukatas (because we couldn`t put them on ourselves, thank`s Obayashi Shimai!), met some cool people who came with their member friends, ate lots of food, and learned the way of BonOdori- japanese dance.

That`s about all for this week- working hard, making it fun, eating lots of bread, and seeing miracles! (which I forgot to take a picture of- whoops)

Have a great week minasan! Aishiteimasu!



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