August 20, 2015


Higashi Osaka


Rowe Shimai

I'm a MOM!

....So when you are called as a trainer, at 7:00 on Thursday morning you head with the other trainers to the mission home. Late people (not me this time!) and late trains made for a rushed, busy morning. From there you recieve a pump-up talk for about 30 minutes, and then the trainees walk into the room! We try to impress them with our Japanese knowledge by reciting doctrine and covenants chapter 4 (try being the key word) and then President Welch calls them up one by one and announces their new area, and trainer! I didn't have to wait very long- my new companion was the second one announced。

*drumroll please.....* Sister Emily Lynn Rowe! the first time I saw her I knew we were going to have a blast.

Fun facts about my companion-
- we're basically the same person. Names, oldest of 6 kids (4 girls and 2 boys), same college- so funny.
- she speaks Chinese! It's so cool. Her Japanese is super good too- whew.
- she does ballet, and I`m going to have her do her best to teach me!
- she is super tough, and such a hard worker- I think if I had the same first three days as she did, I would have died. I'm so mean, we're working through meals and biking for days and walking 10 miles to visit less actives and all of that good stuff, and she just keeps right up! I lucked out. My trainee is the coolesttttt.

We have been busy, which is always so good! Hilights:
-Jun hasn't been able to come to church because of work. But when we shared 1 nephi 3:7, he read it, looked up at us, and said "God will provide a way. What time is church? I'll talk to my boss so I can come." He's so cool.

-another one of our investigators became a shigansha this week! We asked her to pray about a baptismal date, and she decided on September 13th- her birthday. All she wants is to recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost. Please pray for her to be able to stay excited about that special day!

- while we were trying to contact a former phillipina investigator, we ran into one of her friends, who 1. Showed us where her friend lives, and 2. Invited us to come back and share a message! As we talked about Jesus Christ with her and her daughter, she was so happy- she started crying. It was a really cool experience. We are meeting with them again this week- please pray that they will be able to accept our message!

-Hirano kyoudai (I wrote about him and his wife a few weeks ago) got to come to church for the first time in so long! I was leading the music so I got to watch them as they sat together and sang the opening hymn, and they were both just crying. There was such a special feeling in that meeting, and it was such a good reminder of what really matters in this life. Love them.

- Our mission president has two rules; laugh at yourself, and get lost at least once a day. I'm happy to report that I am obedient to the mission president's counsel. On a train home this week, we hopped onto a train, and I didn't recognize the name of the next stop- pulled out my handy dandy IPad, and realized that we were on the fastest train which passes straight through our whole area. (Whoops) So we got to wave to our area as we headed over to Nara, and then hop on a train and come right back.

This upcoming week, our ward is hosting a natsu matsuri (summer festival) and they're requiring us to wear our yukatas! (Summer kimonos). We have to go 30 minutes early so a member can dress us up, so be prepared for lots of pictures next week! 楽しみにしてます*\(^o^)/* (can't wait!)

Love you all. God is good. ;)



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