July 20, 2015


Higashi Osaka


Steere Shimai

Hello ai suru friend and family!

Today consisted of a 4 hour ping pong tournament, so again- not too
much time to write. But lots of really awesome things happened this
week, miracles were seen, and quite a few pictures taken! So without
further ado-

1. This is what we look like pretty much all day every day. Whether
from rain or from sweat.. It's not a pretty sight. Luckily we're
foreigners so most people think we're cool despite being hot messes.
(Is that bad to say as a missionary? I can't think of a better
2-4 we met a recent convert for the first time and he is literally the
most interesting person I've ever met. His name is George kyoudai- he
is friends with lady Gaga and Bon jovi, a part time model,
photographer, hairstylist (he was kind enough to style my hair for
me), has sung with Paul McCartney before, and pretty much any other
crazy story you can think of (none of which are true, but hey- a guy
can dream right?) he became a quick favorite. He was showing us some
of the self- shots he has taken before.

We had companion exchanges this week, and I got to go with the
beautiful and hilarious Ichikawa Shimai! We had so much fun. The girl
in the picture is named Anna- she is so cool. She's going to start
meeting with the missionaries nowSmiling face (black and white)️

I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting, and s member drew a manga
(comic) of the story I managed to spit out. (Afterwards, the first
counselor said to me "daitai wakatta yo!" .. Like "we got the main
point!". I'll take it! Still waiting for the day when speaking in
sacrament won't feel like throwing a bucket of paint at a canvas and
hoping it looks like a picture of like at least a flower or sun or

Last of all- miracles for the past two weeks! :)


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