July 13, 2015


Higashi Osaka


Steere Shimai

Hello Minasama!

One week down in the big city, and life is good. Turns out God is a God of Miracles no matter where you go, and I`m glad I have a bit of time to write about a few of them this week!

- I was able to meet an investigator Named Fukui Shimai, and she is amazing! She met the missionaries a few years ago and it has been quite the adventure coming to know that this church is true- but now she loves this church and this gospel, and she knows it is true. Her husband had some bad experiences with churches in the past so he isn`t a big fan. However, there is a baptism coming up at the end of the month for her husband`s friend, and this past Sunday we all fasted that her husband will be able to go to the baptism. It was her first time fasting, but she said she felt more than ever that everything is going to be okay. We will keep praying for another miracle at the end of this month!

- We met with another investigator, Jun. He moved to Japan from the Philippines, has 3 sons who are adorable, and was baptized into the catholic church. We talked about prophets and the book of Mormon. When we introduced the Book of Mormon he started talking about how the bible has been translated so many times and how there are things missing. When he read the introduction to the Book of Mormon, he was SO excited! He committed to read it and pray to know if it was true. When he mentioned that he doesn`t have a bible right now, we told him we could get one for him, but he said `that`s okay, I`ll just read this.` (talking about the BoM). He`s golden.

-A few days ago, we were biking down the street, and someone in a big truck with a Brazilian flag honks and waves at us. No big deal, not a super memorable occurrence. Then, flash forward to a few days later, we`re biking somewhere and we see some people who aren`t Japanese! That`s always a really good conversation starter, so we stop and say hello, and he says `Hey, I waved at you two a few days ago! I was driving a truck!`.. what?! He was way cool. His name is Max, he is living here with some friends, and he said he`d love to hear a message sometime. Since we`re both trying to communicate in our broken Japanese... Time to learn some Portugese!

-We have been visiting lots of members, and they are amazing! Lots of prayers have been answered by them, and for them. Whether it be a visit exactly when needed, or an invitation that answers a prayer, I know that God loves his children and answers prayers!

- I`m still getting the hang of trains and how long it takes to travel from place to place, so a few nights this past week included running home to make curfew (Once while carrying a big bag of potatos and onions- oh Japan. Your people are so nice.) It wasn`t pretty, but we always made it just on time! Thanks Kamisama,

- Yesterday, a member brought some friends who were visiting Japan for a few days to church, and they each left with a Book of Mormon, and wanting-to-learn-more feelings! (There`s your Japanese sentence structure for the day, I can`t remember how to write that nicely in English). but they were amazing! I`m definitely going to look them up when i`m back in america.

Other fun things:
-Japan is HOT. It has become that I have to carry around a sweat rag with me (gross, I know). I`m not used to humidity at ALL. We were with the Elders visiting a person we met a few weeks ago, and Wakaumi Chouro (Elder) sees my face when we get there, and says `woah. Allen Shimai, sugoi!` (kind of like wowwwwww allen shimai but not in a good way). #representativeofChrist wooh

-I got to see my beloved MTC companion at Zone Training! There are actually 5 people from my MTC group in this zone. it was so fun to catch up with everyone!

Whether it be leading us to people, helping us get home on time, keeping us safe on bikes even though I always forget to check for red lights, or making it so that we can understand Osaka ben (Japan has lots of different dialects, it`s fun)- God is awesome! I can`t express enough how real He is, and how much He loves and wants to help his children. But, He often relies on us to be the means, so love one another, and go be God`s hand in someone`s life today! That`s real happiness- I promise.:)


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