July 6, 2015


Higashi Osaka


Steere Shimai

I am a BIG fan of the city!

After 5 days without a tambo (rice field) in sight, it has become that I am a BIG fan of the city. I thought it`d take a week at least, but wow- Osaka is as fun as everyone says!

Because a majority of today was spent at a noodle museum (Oh Japan, I love you and your variety of museums) I don`t have too much time to write today. Quickly:

Things I am looking forward to this transfer;
1. My companion is a doll. Her name is Steere Shimai, she is Australian, she is a transfer younger than me so we`re both still pretty young missionaries (although i`ll be hittting my 6 month mark in Japan this week! I don`t know that I can pull the young missionary card much longer :///). She has already taught me a few fun Australian words. We`re going to have so much fun working together.
2. This ward is amazing! Everyone is so nice, and so ready to do missionary work! I am so excited to work together with them. Yesterday we introduced a ward challenge for this transfer- giving away 100 Books of Mormon. I have a personal goal to give away 30. So far 3 down, 27 to go! Everyone was really excited about the challenge. The Book of Mormon is amazing and we`re going to see so many good things from that challenge!
3. There are SO many people to talk to here, and I can`t wait to become a master at talking to everyone in sight.
4. In Preach My Gospel (a missionary guide book of sorts) there is a quote that says `Just as vital to what you do... is who you are.` When I read that, I realized that i`m in the city! there`s so many different ways for me to find those who are ready to hear this message, so many ways to work with the ward members, so many ways to serve and help others- but as important as mastering all those different ways of missionary work are, it`s so important that no matter where I am or what I am doing, people can recognize me as a representative of my Savior. I`m excited to be His hands here in Higashi Osaka, and to have a blast while doing so!

The church is true, the Book of Mormon is amazing, missionary life is the best. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself and see!;) And as the wise man who created `Cup of Noodles` once said among a grand collection of profound phrases- `Human beings are noodle beings.` Oh Japan.

Life is good minasan! Aishiteimasu!
Allen Shimai


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