May 31, 2015


Kurayoshi, Japan


Hatch Shimai

In case you forgot, God loves you!

o hisashi buri! (it's been a while)

Last week, our awesome sister training leaders challenged us to start a miracle board- hang up a whiteboard on the fridge and write down a daily miracle or two at the end of the day, then take a picture at the end of the week so you can remember- I'm a fan. We started that this week and it's way fun, I highly recommend. :)

So! Miracles this week:
Monday: we have been meeting with this old lady doing a 30/30 program (30minutes English, 30 minutes gospel) and she hasn't really liked the second half of the program very much so far. Hatch Shimai and I are working on our teaching skills this transfer, and short and powerful is the focus- so we sang "I am a child of God" (if you haven't heard this song, go listen to it and love it because it's simple and true!) and she really liked it! That was a first.
Wednesday: We always invite people to ekaiwa- probably at least 20 or 30 people a week. And usually not one of them comes. But this week, we had 10 new people come to ekaiwa! (Free English conversation class). There were 20 people total who came. Afterwards, the relief society sisters had a pasta party and they invited the ekaiwa students, but the class was much bigger than they expected; there was definitely some "loaves and the fishes" action going on with the food they made. Everyone had a fun time, and there was food sufficient for all!
Friday: hatch Shimai and I decided to go visit a less active member who had previously held some hard feelings against people coming to visit. We met her while she was outside hanging up laundry and tried to talk to her, but she wouldn't even acknowledge that we were there. She just finished the laundry without saying a word and walked back inside. We figured "alright, she's still not a fan of visits" and continued to house around the neighborhood. While walking around, we met this bike gang of 7 year old girls who started practicing English with us and asking what we were doing. When we told them we were teaching people about God, one of them said "there's someone at my house you can teach!" So we followed this pink bike gang back down the street, right to this less active lady's house. It was a bit awkward at first, "oh hey again......." but she was really nice because of course she's going to be nice to these little neighborhood 7 year olds. She was talking to the bike gang a little bit, and then we started talking with her, and ended up talking for a good 30 minutes about her baptism story and church and all kinds of good stuff! She was baptized in the ward where hatch Shimai served before she came to kurayoshi, and they both were so happy to talk about the members there. Long story short, thanks to the help of the pink bike gang, what started with a "don't talk to me" glare ended with a "feel free to come back and visit!" ! That, my friends, is a miracle.

There were many more, but those were some of the biggest ones from this week:) again, I can definitely testify that God is looking out for his children, and putting people where they need to be (even a bike gang of 7 year old girls). God LOVES you. His love is always there. He's moving things around in the universe for your favor every day. If you don't believe me, ask for yourself:) He'll answer, I promise.

Have a fantastic second week of summer!


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