May 24, 2015


Kurayoshi, Japan


Hatch Shimai

Last week`s まなんだこと

Due to some technical difficulties last week (yessss i love technologyyyy) my weekly update didn't send out, so if you want to read two weeks worth of the latest happenings in Kurayoshi, you`re in luck!

Last week:

Hello ai suru friends/family!

Congratulations on making it to summer!🌞 O-tsukare-sama deshita. (You
worked very hard)

It is also beginning to feel like summer here, and it's going to be
good. I've definitely never experienced humidity before, but from what
I've heard I imagine it's kind of like swimming 24/7 in the sense that
you never ever dry off, but with way cooler tan lines. I'm working
hard on my ctr ring tan, stay posted!

Other fun things from this past week:
- I love Japan's love for museums. On Monday we went to Tottori Sand
Museum, and it was the coolest thing ever. We were lucky enough to go
with a friend who really likes taking pictures too, so this week's
email may have a lot of pictures! We also went to the tottori crab
museum. #blessed
- we met with one of our new investigators this week, and she was
awesome. She loves serving others and loves what we do as
missionaries- she thinks every young person should do what we do. She
also gave away one of our pamphlets to her friend, because she thought
the things written in there were really important and her friend
needed to hear them. I mean I guess if you want to dendo for us....Smirking face
It was way cool. Looking forward to seeing her again!
- we met this lady while we were housing, and she talked to us for
like 20 minutes showing us different antique farm tools in her house.
We gave her a pamphlet and she wasn't really interested, but then as
we were leaving, she told us to come back inside- we were thinking
"Wow, she changed her mind already!".... Nope. But she gave us some
soup and took a picture of us¿ She wouldn't even tell us her name, but
still- it was super nice! Missionary work is so funny. When else would
have the chance to eat soup at a stranger's doorstep while trying to
tell them about God? Hahaha I love life.
- on Sunday, we only had a little bit of time to go finding. we tried
to go visit a less active, but she ended up not being home. However,
as we were standing outside of her house, we started talking to this
guy and he was so cool. He is Buddhist, but he cleans the Christian
church down the street for service because he believes that belief and
actions together are important, and because he said it makes him feel
like his heart is being cleaned, and he loves those feelings. That may
sound a bit weird, but it was a nice change of pace from the usual
"I've never thought about God before, I've never been to church
before, and I don't really have any interest" majority of people we
talk to. We let him borrow my copy of the Book of Mormon, and he was
super excited. Can't wait to hear about it this week! Also, while
talking to him one of his friends rode up on a bike. She was really
excited to speak English to us. I guess she had heard about our ekaiwa
before, but she wasn't sure when it was. She's coming this week!

Once again, this week I have learned that this really is God's work.
He knows where his children are at in their lives. He really is
watching over each and every one of us so much more than we realize.Smiling face with smiling eyes
Nothing happens by coincidence; he puts people in our paths every day
for one reason or another. It's so cool to see. I know I definitely
couldn't do any of this alone- speak japanese, talk to people about
their religious beliefs, share a life-changing message- but that's
what I get to do every day, with lots and lots of God's help. And
that's not just something that missionaries recieve! We're all
children of God. How cool is that? And because we have that divine
heritage, we are able to ask for help from our unbelievably kind and
loving Heavenly Father every day. Of course it takes work on our part
to be worthy to recieve the blessings He wants to give us, but He
always gives so much more frequently and abundantly than we realize.
That's something I'm learning to see every day.:) may you be able to
see it as well!

Minasan, aishite imasu!


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