May 17, 2015


Kurayoshi, Japan


Hatch Shimai

Transfer 4: はじめましょう!

Konnichiwa friends and family!

First things first: transfer calls came this week, and God heard my
prayers: I get to stay another transfer in Kurayoshi with Hatch
Shimai! And I am SO glad, because this past week was awesome, and
there are lots of good things to come this next month and a half:)

This past week was a finding week, and there were so many moments
where I had to just stop and take a moment to thank God for being so
awesome. We saw so many 'tender mercies' and I definitely know that
this is the Lord's work, and he's in charge of it all. To name a few:

- recently it has been difficult to meet with a few of our
investigators; they're really busy with work and so it has been a
while. But! This week, when we went to go visit a less active lady in
our ward, her daughter (one of the investigators) happened to have the
day off that day, so she was able to join in on the lesson.Thumbs up sign🏻 later
on, we stopped by another investigator's house, and we found out she
and her husband are having a baby soon! That's exciting in and of
itself, but it also means she won't be working as much because she has
to take it easy, so more time to meet and learn about eternal
families!Smiling face (black and white)️ I'm so excited for her! She also said that when she has
Sunday off she is going to come to church, which is a miracle in and
of itself. Her family is part of another religion, so she said that
she wasn't able to enter another church service. But I guess something
changed her mind!
-hatch Shimai and I went to visit another less active lady, and we
ended up talking to her husband for 45 minutes about all different
kinds of religions (a lot of which went over our heads, but it was
still really good). He also really likes English, so we were able to
make a 30/30 program (30 minutes English, 30 minutes gospel)
appointment with him, so he became a new investigator!
-we had a fun family night activity at church on Sunday, so hatch
Shimai and I figured we'd invite our neighbors who live across the
street from the church. We met some really awesome people, and one
family ended up coming! It was way fun. They just moved here a few
months ago, and they were able to meet some new friends.:) hopefully
we'll see more of them!
- the first month I was here, Violette Shimai met a lady who worked at
a conbini and she seemed really promising, but unfortunately the few
times we visited the conbini again we weren't ever able to find her.
Hatch Shimai and I went to that conbini this week, and happened to run
into her again! She was so excited to see the missionaries again. She
came to an activity we had this week, and brought her two kids:) we'll
be seeing them at ekaiwa (English conversation class) next week!
- a girl we met a few weeks ago came to church to hear me give a talk!
(Another tender mercy- I didn't die giving a talk in church. I
actually talked for 10 minutes longer than I was supposed to- whoops.
So I probably won't be called on to speak again for a while)
- this isn't people related, but we ran out of rice a few weeks ago
and I've been dying. I LOVE rice. I honestly don't know how I went a
day without it at home. Anyways, this past Sunday a ward member
brought us a big bag of rice, and it was better than Christmas! ♥

There were lots of other little things as well, but as you can see,
this past week was a good one:) lots of promising things ahead! I'm so
excited to work in good old Kurayoshi for another transfer!

The church is true! Love you all! Smiling face (black and white)️
アレン姉妹 (Allen Shimai)


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