April 6, 2015


Kurayoshi, Japan


Violette Shimai

Happy Easter Minasan!

Happy Easter Minasan!

This week the Sakura (cherry blossoms) FINALLY came out, and I'm in
heaven. There's a canal right behind our church that is lined with
trees for a quarter mile, and every time I bike down that street, I
die a little bit. I'm convinced that I'm in the most beautiful place
in the world. I've never had a favorite flower before, but these guys
take the cake. I didn't know that Sakura season was only a week and a
half though- that's a bit of a bummer, but I'm enjoying it and taking
lots of pictures while I can! I love Japan. Heavy black heart️

This week was a lot of fun- we had three different kokkans (companion
exchanges) and they both were a blast. I got to learn a lot from two
other sisters that I worked with, and I got to dendo in Okayama for a
day which was a blast.i went to my first matsuri (festival) and it was
a blast. Here, festivals consist of booths of food, and that's pretty
much all. No complaints. I got to try my hand at pounding mochi, I ate
squid on a stick, and we got to hand out lots of #becausehelives
pass-along cards. It was a good day.:)

After church yesterday we went and visited a less active's daughter.
We were able to have a lesson with her! We talked all about our
purpose in life and what true happiness is. Apparently she took the
lessons before about 10 years ago, but they didn't mean much to her
then. As we talked yesterday she talked about how much love she felt.
We were able to make a new appointment for next week and so she's a
new investigator! So excited to teach her! And hopefully this will
help her mother and father come back to church. Thumbs up sign

Yesterday to celebrate Easter, we had a super fun branch party. We had
an Easter lesson, and then we were put in three teams to see who could
find the most Easter eggs- it was pretty funny watching everyone
scramble around the church. After that we had sushi! and a lot of
other really yummy food. My companion is leaving love sushi, so a lot
of members brought it for her. They even brought stuff for us to make
the sushi ourselves! It was a lot of fun, and a lot of really good
food. The branch we servant is the best! Everyone's just like family,
and we all have way too much fun together. Smiling face with smiling eyes

Today marks the end of my second transfer, which means I'm technically
all grown up- I'm a bean chan no longer. I'll meet my new companion
later this week, and I'm so excited:) I'm lucky enough to get to stay
here in kurayoshi, and I'm looking forward to another 6 weeks of fun!

The church is true, Jesus lives, and God speaks through his prophets
and apostles today so make sure you watch conference and apply what
you learn! Life is good minasan:)

1. Makin mochi
2. More sakura
3. Kokkans #2
4. kokkans #3
5. Just beholding our instrument of curious workmanship! (iPad)!
6. Happy Easter (thanks mom)
7. More photos--the cherry blossoms are GORGEOUS!

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