March 22, 2015


Kurayoshi, Japan


Violette Shimai

Week in Pictures!

Hello friends/family!

I don`t have very much time to email today, so hilights of this week will be told of in pictures!
1. I experienced my first blizzard in my life (as far as my memory goes)- I know I`ve definitely never biked in a blizzard before. That was definitely a fun experience. You could hardly see anything, the roads were 100% iced over, and every time we got off of our bikes, we`d slip and slide- but our bikes never did! We made it to our lesson and back home safe and sound. (Thanks Heavenly Father!)
2. In honor of Pie day this week (3.14, march 14th) We had a pie party after ekaiwa (English conversation class)! I learned to never try to bake a pie on my mission ever again. That was hard. But the end result was fun:) Misa Shimai (the girl pictured) is a branch member here, and she`s the coolest person in the world.
3. Housing, aka every missionary`s favorite way to find!
4. We had a takoyaki (a pancake-ish ball with octopus bits in the middle- it tastes much better than I`m describing it though) party with Miyamoto family (aka the nicest family in the whole world) I am way too lucky to get to be here with all of these awesome people, eating all of this delicious food.

I hope all is well with everyone wherever you may be! God loves you, and he`s watching out for you always da to shitte imasu.:) Aishiteimasu!

Allen Shimai


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