March 1, 2015


Kurayoshi, Japan


Violette Shimai

Tottori`s Boast to the World‏

Last Monday, I FINALLY had the opportunity to visit the biggest and most exciting tourist attraction in (Tottori-Ken) Kurayoshi- the Pear Museum. You may read that and think, `But.. how can someone make a museum about pears? they`re just pears!` But if you come to Kurayoshi anytime soon, for a mere $1.50, you too can `physically experience the wonderful charms of pears!` (quoted straight from the brochure) Really though, it was pretty fun. They have 120 different kinds of pears from all around the world, a pear art gallery, a bugs-life-esque pear playground, a movie about the great pear farm disaster and the progress made since then (narrated by a very enthusiastic woman with very wide, unblinking eyes) and best of all- they have a place where you can eat as many pears as you want. Don`t mind if I do. All in all- 10/10 will probably visit again.

My favorite part of this week was probably teaching the first lesson- the message of the Restoration- for the first time. I taught it in the MTC, but I hadn`t had the chance to share more than a 5 minute summary in the field. But this week, we had a lesson with our newest investigator, and I finally got to know what it feels like to share the powerful and unique message of our church! The first lesson talks about How God is our loving heavenly father, and how he always calls prophets to teach us and to guide his church. When prophets are rejected, God withdraws his authority to teach and administer- this is called an apostasy. But because He loves his children and wants them to return to him, he always calls a new prophet. After Jesus`s apostles died, this same thing occured- this is known as the Great apostasy. But God still loves us,right? That wouldn`t change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, right? So, if we follow the pattern, it only makes sense that he`d call a new prophet as soon as he could. That prophet came in the form of a 14 year old boy with a question. That boy decided to ask God his question, and he was answered face-to-face by God and Jesus Christ. Sharing his experience was SO awesome. And the best part is inviting them to know for themselves. I love that this church expects everyone to receive an answer for themselves. I love that they say `don`t just trust my word- ask God!` I can`t wait to keep teaching the rest of the lessons, and I hope i get to teach this first lesson hundreds of times on my mission:) It`s the best message to share. God loves us, and he wants us to be happy in this life and in the next. Jesus Christ`s gospel is the way to do that.

The rest of the week was pretty normal- visiting, teaching, sports night, e-kaiwa (english class), and studies. These weeks are flying by, and I am learning so much every day. I love Japan and I feel pretty lucky to ride my bike around here every day, no matter what weather:) (still too cold, but spring is around the corner!) Life is good, minasan.:)

1. yet another perk of the pear museum- best hats in the world.
2.and that pear ice cream tho


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