December 18, 2014


Provo MTC


Comtois Shimai

One week till Christmas, whaaat?!


One week till Christmas, whaaat?! This month has gone by so fast.

Highlights of the week:
-On Sunday, Comtois shimai and I taught a lesson on finding answers in the Book of Mormon. We had people give ideas on what we can do on our part, such as praying beforehand, searching with real intent, being humble and listening to the holy ghost, searching and studying by topic, using all of the resources you have, being patient.. things like that. All are important, and if we do our part, God will answer our questions through his holy scriptures.
-Also on Sunday, Comtois shimai and I received a new calling- Sister Training Leaders. We only have 5 girls besides us in our zone, so not too many people to keep track of, but basically our job is to be there for them whenever they need us, and to love and serve them. That's an attribute i'm working on this month, so i'm super excited for this opportunity to serve:) Also, we get to carry around a cell phone that literally does nothing except tell the time. It's kind of fun though, you get some funny looks when you pull out a phone.
-Our senpai left Monday, which was super sad. Now, our district is the oldest in the zone. I feel like I don't know enough to be the oldest ones! It's all good though. Another new district of 10 elders came in on Wednesday, so we are officially Daisenpai. Last night we went in with the zone leaders to introduce ourselves, and I totally remember my first day, being in their place- it seemed like the leaders knew SO much japanese. Now that i'm in the leader's place, I realize that their nihongo probably wasn't all that impressive haha. But it's okay, because when I was with the newbies, I realized how much I've progressed. It's not much when you look at how much more i have to learn, but when I look back at my day one self, i'm pretty dang proud that i can at least hold a conversation.:) (as long as it's gospel related, otherwise i'm 110% lost haha)

Anyways, this church is definitely true. It is Jesus Christ's restored church, and I am so lucky to be able to share that message with people every day (even if right now they're only fake people). This Gospel answers so many important questions about life, and through abiding by it's principles, we are so blessed.:) Missionary life is the bestttt.

1. Our class christmas tree is kawaii (cute) as flip
2. What time is it? Time for me to tell you about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ


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