December 11, 2014


Provo MTC


Comtois Shimai

Konnichiwa minasan!

First off: happy 2 weeks until Christmas! I'm so excited for Christmas in the MTC. I'm sure it'll be a blast. Remember that Christ is the reason for the season; if we focus on Him, all of that other stressful stuff will fall into place.

So, tomorrow is my one month mark as a missionary! Crazy right?! Time has FLOWN by. And a month from today is my estimated departure date, which I am stoked about. I'm probably in a very small percentile with this opinion, but I love the MTC. I've had such a great time here. I love my companion, and the Shimais/Choros in my district. I love my Senseis, and our Branch Presidency/their wives. I love getting to practice my teaching skills every single day. I love that I can form a halfway coherent sentence at this point! I have learned sososo much this past month. Although my Nihongo is still lacking a lot, I know i'll get there eventually.

This past month has also been an amazing opportunity for me to strengthen my testimony. I've learned that being frustrated with myself does no good, and that it is better to rely on the Lord than try to do things on my own. Sometimes (or a lot of the time) life is hard, but through Jesus Christ's gospel, each and every one of us can overcome the trials and problems and disappointments that inevitably come. As someone said in a devotional last Sunday, "Hard isn't bad- it's just hard." Heavenly Father may not move mountains for us, but he will help us climb them. It can be hard to be thankful for that while it's happening, but we are stronger and more humble and more open to helping others when we experience things that are difficult. Heavenly Father loves his children, and knows their needs better than anyone; if we pay close attention to the promptings of the spirit, we can be the vessels through which the spirit works, and we can make a difference in people's lives. Especially this season, it is so important to act as Christ did, and love and serve those around us. Doing something nice for someone else is the best way to forget about our own worries, guaranteed!

I can say about 20% of this ^ in japanese, so that's pretty cool haha. Someday;) Anyways, this church is true. And this time of year is the best! Don't take spending time with family/friends for granted. There's always so much to be thankful for.

Aishite Imasu!

Allen Shimai

1. Zone pictureeeee
2. Class christmas tree:-))))))


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