December 4, 2014


Provo MTC


Comtois Shimai

Hello kazoku/tomodachii! (family/friends)

Hello kazoku/tomodachii! (family/friends)

Biggest event of the week: we got new Kohai!!! (Kohai=new missionaries) they just arrived yesterday, which means my district isn't the youngest anymore! There's 9 of them, and I can't wait to get to know them all. Our daisenpai (oldest district) left for japan on monday, and it was so sad to see them go. The class/dorm halls were wayyyy too quiet. It's good to have them filled again.:) My district has leveled up from Kohai to Senpai, which is crazy. I still feel like I just got here last week; my nihongo probably sounds like I just got here last week! But here I am on week 4, and I'm still a fan of the MTC (for the most part;))

Other highlights:
- I got to be a new missionary host, which means I was the person who transitioned the new missionaries from the curbside drop-off to their dorm, and then to their classroom. I hosted 5 new sisters, so lots of running around and pushing lots of luggage and all that. It was a lot of fun, and I hope they didn't feel too lost! I remember when that was me, and now I'm an MTC pro (haha not)!
- We taught our first TRC this week, which is pretty much like family home evening. Members volunteer to be taught by us for 20 min, and it's 75% get to know you questions and 25% lesson. It's fun:) one of the ladies we taught was a nihonjiin named Emi!
-My companion and I have 2 investigators right now- Auyagi san, and Yamaguchi san. Lessons are very slow, and sometimes it's difficult to explain concepts or answer questions, but they're very patient and I learn so much every time I teach.
-For last sunday's devotional, Vocal Point (byu acapella group) performed. It was a lot of fun.
-THE CAMPUS CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ARE ON! I love christmas lights SO much, and it makes me so happy to see them every night.

Life is good:) thank you for all the prayers/support. Kono kyokai ga shinjitsu da to shitte imasu! (I know this church is true!)

Allen Shimai


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