February 18, 2019




Sister Koford

"Wanna go find a rock Volkswagen?"-Me

Good Morning everyone!

Man has this week been a busy one with lots of news and changes. Let's start with the one that everyone is freaking out about... calling home. We are now allowed to call/video chat/text, on pdays, our parents but only them. So I will still be emailing everyone else every week! One thing is for sure it will be fun to talk to my mom and dad more often!

So a member told us about this Volkswagen made out of stacked rocks. So we decided to go find it. We had vague directions but lo and behold we found it! It was kind of in the middle of the forest lol but we still found it! I'll attach some pictures :)

We had a busy week because of Zone conference and we had an exchange with the Vestal Sisters. On exchanges Sister Wright and I found this lady named Nancy. She was a sweet lady that let us right it. She thought her son, who is a member, sent us to her. Nope! Just the spirit did :) She is pretty great so we are excited to start working with her.

It was surreal to go to my last zone conference. It's one of those things that you think will never come. I remember sitting in the same exact chapel my very first zone conference. Not really knowing what to expect but excited to learn. I remember watching an Elder give his departing testimony and thinking "Wow he has been out here for a long time!" And then the time came that it was my turn. My heart is full of gratitude for the experiences I have had and will have this last transfer. I love my Savior! He is my best friend and has helped me change and be a better person. This gospel is truly one that changes lives. I can say that because it has changed mine!

I love you all and hope you have a great week. Stay Strong!

Love, Sister Keller


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