December 10, 2018




Sister Morley

"Now it's your turn!" -Amos

Well needless to say this week was a fantastic one!

A lot of things happened but a few experiences stand out. The first one is MLC with President Vest. The last time I was on the MLC (Missionary Leader Conference) President Rogers was still here so I was excited for the new experience. We drove up to Utica and basically learned a ton of things that we could be doing better. We talked a lot about using the technology we have wisely and how to plan effectively. But the bulk of the meeting was spent on how we can increase the faith in our mission. Faith is such a complex topic to think about. The scriptures give us a simple definition but it is so much more than that. I like to think that increasing our faith deals with seeing differently. We obviously can't use our eyes to see so we use our hearts instead. Truly seeing the world and life in Gods perspective comes when we start to see by the spirit.

That same day we drove all the way back to Ithaca and went to Amos baptism! So I have realized that I haven't shared a lot about Amos mainly because I forget to and privacy reasons. But I want to tell you all a bit about his story because he is literally a miracle. Sister Morley and Sister Nita got a referral a week before I arrived back in Ithaca for a man named Amos. He had gone to a church service with a friend who was a member in Washington D.C.. When he was there it felt like he found his family! So the Sisters called him up and he told them to call him back the next day because he was still traveling. The next day comes and Amos calls instead to set up a meeting. By the time I got here they had taught him three or four times and we started teaching him the commandments. Slowly but surely he started to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon and he read, prayed and came to church. He did the small things and his faith grew and grew by the day. Something I admire about Amos is his ability to receive and understand and then act on revelation from the Lord. He makes it seem and look so simple to pray and receive answers from God which strengthened my testimony! Weeks have gone by and he has had the goal to be baptized for a while. This last Friday Amos was baptized in Christs church. He like many before him made the decision to follow his Savior into the waters of baptism and is all the more better for it. Now this whole process only took 1 month. The Sisters met him on November 6th and he was baptized December 7th. A bit crazy right?! After he was baptized he talked about how his wife got her visa and is coming to America and wants to learn more! Well Amos told her now that he got baptized its her turn. Haha! So hopefully we meet her this week! Plus Amos invited two families and his neighbor to his baptism and they all came! I was able to teach the Restoration to his neighbor and we gave out some pamphlets and a book of Mormon. Amos is already an awesome missionary!

Yup so that happened this week and now we have potential three new people to teach about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The whole weekend was a miracle in and of itself. I don't know why I was so lucky to be able to come back to Ithaca and be a part of these experiences but I am grateful I am.

I love you all! I hope you have a great week and stay warm over there!;)

Love, Sister Keller


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