December 3, 2018




Sister Morley

"How did we get lost in Berkshire of all places?"

Yup we got lost in this super tiny town in the middle of New York called Berkshire. (you say it Burk-shur... dont ask my why... New York is weird sometimes...) Any way we were meeting in this town after exchanges because it was half way in between Vestal and Ithaca. Now something to know about this little town which now that I think of it is probably more like a Hamlet: First it has like 4 roads, second there is no cell reception. Haha yup great place to switch off huh? Well we didn't know this about Berkshire until it was too late. Sister Baird and I ended up being a little late to our meeting point and when we got there the other Sisters were nowhere to be found...... fast forward about an hour. After driving everywhere, using the library phone, calling people, and more, we found the other sisters lol. We literally were lost in that town and couldn't find the others sisters that were in a bright blue rav4 for like an hour and half.... not the best end to an exchange lol. Our mission President called us later and asked if we were okay... lol it was an adventure that is for sure!

Other than that the week was amazing! We had 2 exchanges and zone conference this week :) For zone conference we talked about finding what is your why. Why are we here on the earth at this time. Why are we missionaries for the Lord? Why are we put here in New York in our specific areas? It was powerful to think about our duty in these last days to gather scattered Israel, to be missionaries and representatives and most importantly to think about the Saviors atonement and how that gives us a why. Well I am here on this earth because I was sent here to gain a body and experience. To learn and to grow. I am a missionary because the Lord needs my help. I am here because I agreed before this life that I would be a representative for my Savior and that I would proclaim the gospel. But over all my why is Him. It is because of my Savior I am here and I have hope. It is because of Him and His atonement that I can strive to reach my potential. Whether we are a missionary or not we all have a why. A reason that we are where we are at this moment. So as you go on with your day and week I invite you to think about your why. Why are you here? What is your why? As you do so you will feel the Love and faith the Savior and your Father in Heaven has for you.

Well I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the snow! :)

Love Sister Keller


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