July 16, 2018




Sister Wiese

"I'd just drive by and throw a hand grenade in there" - A lady in Relief Society yesterday

Good Morning everyone!!!!

Man was this week a crazy one! It has been hectic all week but it has been a great one. I officially had to say goodbye to Canton and all the amazing people there. I am going to miss that little town in the middle of no where. And all the people I have met and come to love. To be honest I didn't really want to leave Canton or Sister Miner! I'm gonna miss all of it but let me tell ya I love Cortland so far. That is where I am now currently serving. We are serving actually right next to my first area. It borders it which is so fun but also sucks because I can't go visit anyone that is down in Ithaca. So now I'm just hoping and praying they come up here and visit me! I keep bothering my companion with stories from my first 6 months and she is probably getting annoyed but I can't help it! I miss that place so much! Speaking of my companion her name is Sister Wiese! And however you just read it and pronounced it in your head is wrong lol. It's pronounced like the words we see. We see. Got it? ;) She is seriously adorable ! I love her so much already! She has such a strong desire to do the work and to truly help these amazing people of Cortland find their Savior. She is an example to me and I have learned so much from her in the few days we have been together.

So we are whitewashing the area which means two things. First both of us know absolutely nothing about the area and second we are replacing the Elders and turning it into a sister area. The ward is so excited to have us here. All of them keep telling us about how they haven't had sister's in a long time and they have been praying for us to come back. Well here we are! Hopefully we fulfill their expectations ( yikes! ) The ward is already so supportive and trying to help us out a ton. Although I feel bad because we have literally taken almost all of the Elders meal appointments....

We have been working on building our teaching pool since we don't have too much of one and currently two of the investigators the Elders had before have already dropped us in the 5 days we have been here. So it's been an interesting experience but we have seen so many miracles. The Lord really plays the main role in this work and it is so much fun to be by his side helping out.
Well that's about all I can think of today. Hopefully I'll be a little bit more settled next week! We still got keep cleaning and reorganizing that apartment. One thing is for sure. You could tell it has been an Elders apartment for awhile.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Here's my new address! 1 Holiday Dr. Building F Apt 162 Cortland, NY

Love SIster Keller

John 14:26-27


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