July 9, 2018




Sister Miner

"Cluck Cluck Cluck.... King Noah's a chicken" - My man Vernon

Good Afternoon everyone!

We were reading about King Noah and Abandis story this week with Vernon our recent convert and out of no where he starts clucking... haha! Then he says "King Noah is a chicken" lol! Amen Vernon, Amen.

This week was crazy busy and fun and I have a lot to tell you! So buckle up my friends.

On the fourth of July we got to watch part of a parade which was fun. We also delivered a ton of cookies that took forever to make. (We made over 100 cookies...) It was fun because we got to contact a ton of people and make the holiday special! How blessed we are to live in such an amazing country. I love America and the freedom I have to come to know my Savior. It is because of this country that the restoration was even possible. What a blessing it truly is :)

So we had exchanges with the Plattsburgh Sisters which was awesome! They are seriously amazing and I am going to miss them so much! We also got to meet our new Mission President and his Family! They are so cute! I feel like a part of their family already! The atmosphere is so different with President Vest. I mean we played a game at the meeting.... that never would have happened with President Rogers hahah! Its been fun to see their two different styles but I think I am going to like President Vest. He is already making powerful changes to the mission that are going to be great!

Also transfers are this coming week! There is some confusion about what I am exactly going to be doing... haha but I know for sure I am leaving Canton and I am going to be training again! The twist is I am going to a brand new area I know nothing about and we are either Whitewashing or opening the area (yikes!). But holy cow I am so excited but nervous all at the same time! I am pretty sure I am going to be heading back down south to a place called Auburn. I will give you all more updates next week!

I love you guys! Have a fantastic week and dont forget to take some time and smell the roses. This world is such a beautiful place!

Love Sister Keller


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