June 25, 2018




Sister Miner

"Can I take a picture with your Llama?"

Subject: "Can I take a picture with your Llama?"

This week was pretty great! We saw a lot of miracles as we hit the ground running. Sister Miner and I decided we were going to work extra hard this week and it definitely paid off. Canton is looking up and I am so happy to be a missionary in this part of the vineyard. It is fun to be able to see the Lords hand in every detail of this work.

We had exchanges with the Carthage Sisters and it was a lot of fun. I still love exchanges. They never get old and they somehow always work out for the best. We also had district meeting in Ogdensburg again so we got to see Canada once again. So of course I took more pictures but I cant get enough. It sucks to be so close but to not be able to go... one day I guess.

This week I would like to share my thoughts on the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon was truly written for our day. It is here so we can come closer to God and His son Jesus Christ. God knew we would need the strength that comes from His word so he prepared it long before we would ever need it to make sure we had it. Don't forget about the importance of this book. It is more than it seems. I promise that if you read the Book of Mormon every single day you will come to truly understand who Jesus Christ is to you. Your week will be so much better if you use this tool God has given us to endure this life. We all need His help and the book of Mormon is how we can receive that help. I love this Book with every fiber of my being. It has helped deepen my understanding of the gospel in ways I never thought possible. I love this gospel and I am so grateful for it in my life.

So If ya didn't catch the challenge... read the Book of Mormon everyday this week and tell me about what changes in your life. Because I know you will see the blessings of God in your life. Have a great week everyone! Stay Strong!

Love Sister Keller
2 Nephi 25:26


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