June 11, 2018




Sister Miner

Embracing Change

This week was a good one as always. There are always things to look forward to as a missionary! We had Zone Conference this week which was really good. I had to give my second official training which I was of course scared for but it went good! It was President and Sister Rogers last one up in Potsdam. It was also my last interview with President and probably the last time I will see them on the mission. Hence the title of my email. Embracing Change. There have been a lot of big changes in this mission lately. Its been a struggle to adjust and have to keep readjusting. But I know that all of this change is for a purpose in God's plan. Its interesting how often our lives change and yet we never get used to it. I've learned that change is good. That it is exciting and refreshing. I look forward to meeting my new mission president. I know that he will be able to pick up right where President Rogers leaves off. While I will miss President Rogers, I am excited to see the miracles that are coming with President Vest.

This week we have been working hard at finding new people and helping those we are teaching to progress. It is coming along and I am excited, as always, to find out what the Lord has planned for my dear little town of Canton. It will always have a part of my heart. This work we have the privilege of being a part of is amazing. There are no words to describe the blessings of the gospel. I love being able to share this gospel and I am grateful that the Lord called me to this work.

I love you all and hope you have a great week. Continue to look for the Lord in the details of your lives. He is there. He leads and guides us each day to help us continue on the covenant path.

Love Sister Keller


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