March 5, 2018




Sister Hamblin

"Think of me... Think of me fondly..."

"When we say GOODBYYYEEEE" This beautiful song is what I have been singing to Sister Hamblin all week. Haha! But seriously... I am going to miss my dear Sister Hamblin. But I know she is going to do great things!

After 6 months in the blessed land of Ithaca it is time for me to move on. I am going up to the North country to a town called Canton. It is near Potsdam:) Canton is super close to the Canadian border and is probably going to be freezing. If I thought Ithaca was cold... I will sorely be mistaken. Also, I am going to be an STL! ( Sister Training Leader ). Which I am excited for and nervous for all at the same time! Sister Hamblin is staying here in Ithaca and Sister Johnson (our old STL) is going to be here new companion :)

This week was great :) It was a a week of miracles left and right. We got to meet with a few different investigators that we haven't seen in weeks (or months) including Moji and Sara, Madhur and Erika! Its was amazing! We had three of our Chinese investigators come to church. Sister Hamblin and I split up so we could sit by multiple of them. Sister Ham sat by Mengxi and apparently during the middle of Sacrament she turned to Sister Ham and told her she wants to get baptized!!!! It literally came out of nowhere! But now we are preparing her for baptism and we are so excited!:) We got to talk with Anesia and she wants to come to church which is a huge step for her. Vivi told us when she is sad that she will pray and read the scriptures and she feels better. And to top it all off, Chen told us that he tried praying for the first time in his life. All of these things are little things but they were bright spots in my week. It is amazing to be able to witness the change in all of these people. Great things are happening here in Ithaca and I am so excited for Sister Hamblin to be able to take over the area and continue helping all these people I love so dearly.

That has been the hardest part of this week. It was a week of goodbyes and I have some more coming up tomorrow. I love the people here in Ithaca. I have made friendships that I hope last a lifetime. All of these people are amazing and I am so excited to see where life takes them.

Some random fun things about this week: 1) We had a big snowstorm prediction that turned out to be nothing. We had a worse snow storm last week... but because of the prediction a lot of things shut down including Cornell which has only closed 1 other time in the last 50 years. We also weren't allowed to use our cars that day so we had a day of walking :) 2) Yanhui and Zongwei made us authentic Chinese food and it was really good! I am getting better at eating with chopsticks which I have had to learn how to use because of our cute Chinese investigators. Yanhui an Zongwei gave me a special dumpling which is to give me good luck. It was so sweet of them! Also since we gave our couch away we got our replacement camp chairs. They are surprisingly nice. So I think I attached a picture of them... if not I'm sure you can imagine one. haha!

This week is going to be a bit crazy with having to move but I am excited! I am sure going to miss Sister Hamblin though :(

Here is the scripture for this week: Mosiah 24:14 :)

Love Sister Keller


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