August 19, 2019



Week 13:Rio temple and catssss

OLLAAAAA meu amigos!
Minha noss this week ROCKED!! Last week I had been in this area for about an hour hahaha so i will tell you about everything now hehe
My area is called Curiçica and its BIG and soooo pretty with mountains everywhere and we are closer to the ocean so lets go surfin brothaaa lol just kidding. Our area is pretty broad lol we have super rich areas, pretty normal areas where we live and stuff, and then like one of the most dangerous areas in the mission called the city of God hahahaha funny. We arent allowed to go there at the moment, because Presidente got a feeling that right now its just too dangerous. But i literally love it here SO much!!
My companion is Sister Tanner and to say the least i LOVE her. and shes AMERICAN hahaha theres 7 of us so its not likely to be companions! i am so grateful to learn from her cause she is an incredible missionary. We have fun on the streets making up missionary appropriate words to you belong with me and speechless hahaha
-Me and my companion were invited by the mission presidents wife to serve in the Rio temple and help build all of the chandeliers, and it was SO cool. Its so cool to see how the temple can bring us revelation and have the spirit, even though its not even done yet. boy oh boyyyy did i miss the temple so much.
-I found out açai can be delivered to our apartment (which should probably be a lowlight cause i eat it like every day and very soon i will be fat lol)
-I learned that 4 sisters can eat like 200 rice krispy treats in less than one week hahahah thanks grandma
-Gloria and Rosangela got baptized yesterday!!!!!!! (my favs from Madureira)
-Sister frazao has some awful health issues and we think she will be sent home this week :(
-Back to cold showers hahahahaha (laughing through the tears)
Spiritual story-
So we were tracting and felt a push to talk to this guy, who just looks like he wouldnt be interested, but we did, and he invited us in to talk to him and 8 of his family and friends. That night, we marked a baptism date for ALL 8 OF THEM! legit the coolest experience ever. Our focus is Alexandro, and he is 19 and has so much faith and i am SO excited!! dont judge people and always follow the promptings of the spirit!!!
Funny story-
at a members house, they had theeee fluffiest, fattest, and cutest cat i have ever seen in my entire existance hahaha and so of course i picked it up and totally forgot that im allergic. The whole day i had bright red eyes, an itchy face, and was crying non stop hahaha so worth it though dont worry
Scripture- Moroni 7:45
i love you all so much and sorry this email was so long hahaha next weeks will be shorter. have a good week!! especially all you moms who have kids starting school ;)
love, Sister Beynon


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