July 22, 2019




Week 7:first week in RIOOOO

Ola from RIO!!
i hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!
I am in a little area called madureia. Okay its not little...its actually pretty big and a little sketchy but my trainers said its like the safest area hahahah so wish me luck.
I am in a trio with 2 DARLING sisters. they speak no english so i now talk using hand gestures hahaha. I adore them so much! I got soooo lucky, i have already learned so much from them.
We have like 8 or 9 investigators currently. One is 25 and i absolutely love her. Her name is luciana. She loves the Book of Mormon, goes to church every week, and loves the idea of eternal families, but for some reason does not want to get baptized. So if anyone has any ideas on what we can do for her or say... that would be AWESOME hehe.
Another investigator is just like my grandma b hahah. SHe has a granddaughter named nicole and she is just like avery. we are best buds ahha. but anyway... our investigator, Mira, is getting baptized on saturday!!!! woohoo! we visited her on Saturday to help her prepare for baptism and she told us that right before the missionaries found her, she found out her husband has been cheating on her. She said the missionaries and the gospel has blessed and changed her life, and was the answer to all of her prayers. HOW COOL!! the Lords timing is REAL.
One big thing i learned this week is that no matter how many slammed doors we have, or how many people ignore us on the streets, or who give us the wrong address, i have the BEST person to ever walk this earth walking next to me every single day. I have every single reason to stand tall and never back down.
-i got a letter from sweet Sister Sorensen!!
-my companion had some jessie funk on her ipod so we jam every day hahah
-i found out Rio acai is MUCH better than Sao Paulo acai hehe
-they have fireworks all the time here so turns out i actually didnt miss the 4th of july hehe
-saying bye to the MTC district was almost as hard as saying goodbye the first time
-it is FREEZING here hahaha
Alma 26 16. We can never glory too much in the Lord. Make him the focus and center of your life always!!
i love you all so much !!!! have a fantastic week!!
love, sister beynon


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