July 22, 2019




Week 4: joseph smith and jehovas witnesses lol

hi amigos!!
okay so this email will be a bittt different but don't worry... i have 17 more months to share highlights, lowlights, and funny stories hahaha
This semana i want to share my absolute love and adoration for Joseph Smith History hehe. if you haven't read it all the way through, i encourage you to do so! Reading this as a missionary brings such a different meaning into my life.
Since the moment that joseph smith read James 1: 5, he knew that there was something greater and brighter. "never did any passage of scripture come with more power to the heart than this did at this time to mine. it seemed to enter with great force into every feeling of my heart." QUE LEGAL? he acted on the scripture and with real intent, he prayed and asked. We talk about real intent in the CTM a lot. if someone prays, but doesnt have a desire, then they will not find their answer. i love feeling the way joseph smith did and i want everyone in brazil to feel it too!!
Joseph went through so much, but he never gave up and he never denyed the things he felt. "i had seen a vision, i knew it, and i knew that god knew it" I love this!!! He had the courage and the integrity to recognize that denying what he had seen and felt would offend God.
Satan tried with everything he had to stop joseph from bringing this great evangelho back to the earth. We all know the part when Joseph knelt down to pray and he felt abandonment and darkness, but i want to talk about when he said, "it seems as though the adversary was aware, at a very early period of my life, that i was DESTINED to prove a disturber and an annoyer of his kingdom". Destined is such a powerful word!! before he came to earth, he knew, God knew, and satan knew who he would be. On Wednesday, we had a devotional by Elder Gong. He said, "you were chosen to continue the prophecy that was given to Joseph Smith 200 years ago". that is absolutely terrifying but so awesome! we have the priviledge, but also a great responsibility to be here and to bring others unto Christ.
On saturday, we went proselyting! wooohooo! it was so fun but we ran into a jehovas witness and got BASHED for like 30 minutes no joke hahaha
the conversation went like this (but in portuguese):
"Hi! how are you?"
"read the bible"
"we believe in the bible too! we also believe in the book of..."
"the bible is the best! see..." *starts reading genesis to us*
"we have read the bible... do you believe that there are prophets that can guide us today?"
"no... but read the bible"
hahahaha no wonder people say that missionary work is a little difficult when they are passionate and deffensive about their religion... hahaha but we did get the contact of a boy from Ecuador!! there was definitely a language barrier but the spirit spoke to all 3 of us and it was such a cool experience.
also... this week Sister Maxwell came up with a little song hahaha. "ive been here 4 weeks... my bowels are quaking, so read my emails, and come take me home" (to the tune of call me maybe) hahaha probably the funniest moment of the whole mission!
Scripture of the week: Job 19:14 hahahha this is how it feels to be a missionaria
but honestly this week was so great and i have grown and learned SO much!! i love being a missionary and i cant wait to get into the campo in 2 short weeks!!!
keep emailing me and updating me with your lives! eu amo voces!!!
com amor,
soon to be irma beynon :)


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