July 22, 2019




Week 3:heads up brazil, sister maxwells comin for you! (literally)

I was looking through pictures of my family pictures of my family the other day, and through tears i told my companion, "how cool is it that we get to be a part of the reason why people get to be with their families forever? just like us!" That alone will get me through these next 18 months! Its the happiest truth! I get to leave my incredible family for a year and a half to give someone that happiness!

-our "investigator" said yes to being baptized!
-Elder Hansen played the piano for us! He is the next Jon Schmidt.
-We created the volleyball DREAM TEAM!!
-we did an english fast on monday and it Rocked!!

-My brazilian roommates left yesterday
-We all got sick on Saturday/sunday hahahah it was so bad

Funny story:
sister maxwell is the most accident prone person ive ever known hahahah and everything bad that could possibly happen to someone has happened to her. We were playing volleyball and she served SO HARD and literally POUNDED the poor brazilian sister on the front row in the back of the head hahaha and i mean POUNDED!!!! Don't worry... she is okay (minus probably a small concussion) Too bad sister maxwell couldnt apologize because of a small language barrier.

Spiritual story:
My district and like 5 brazilian sisters sang "come thou fount" on saturday night. The spirit was so so so strong. Everyone was crying... even the brazilian sisters who didnt understand a word. it was such an amazing moment hahaha

Alma chapter 57 verse 21 and 27

Eu sei que isso e onde eu deveria estar servindo. Eu sei que o Salvador morreu por nos para viver com ele novamente, e ter alegria eterna. Eu amo este evangelho com todo o meu coracao!

i love you so much !!!
love, sister beynon


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