July 22, 2019




Week 2- filled with lizards??

Moshi-moshi!! (hello in japanese) hahahah surprise im actually learning japanese not portuguese!
and happy fourth of june! all the americanos are celebrating 4th of july today hahaha
a week ago i would have said "this sucks and i want to go home so bad" but now, i am so in love with missionary work!! at first, leaving my whole life behind was awful. Now, leaving it behind and spending 24/7 serving the lord was the best decision i have ever made! I have never been happier!!
On sunday, we had an incredible devotional! it was about the atonement. He gave an analogy of how when people would sacrifice animals... they would blame the guild on the innocent animal. "the innocent pays for the guilty". This is what jesus christ did for us!! we will never be able to pay him back for what he did for us. Even though we may not even choose to follow him, he still holds his arms out for us to come unto him. How cool is that?! He loves us SOOO much!!
An elder in my district is really struggling. Please keep him in your prayers! he is pretty discouraged.
-sister bird is HERE!!
-we had the best pineapple EVER
-my "rapido" finger snap is almost making sound!
-we did splits and my companion is the cutest person ever to exist
-we spent 30 minutes trying to pronouce 3 words hahaha
-my favorite japanese district left this week
Funny story:
we have translators for the devotionals and sometimes they get a litttttle confused hahaha.
ex: "you will receive the horror of representing the lord", "put a little person on your head", "every piece of cake... he partake of us", "he is filled with lizards" (hence the name of the email hahahah)

We sang the prettiest song ever on sunday!! look at sao paulo ctm facebook page to listen to it!! (tell me if you see me hehe)

Scripture of the week: Alma 26: 11-12
I love you all sooooo so so much!! thank you all for the support!!
sister beynon !!


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