May 29, 2019



Week 1! I’ve never been so happy!!

being a missionary is so fofa! (that means tender/sweet, i did that for you sister wadsworth!!)
It has only been one week, but i have learned more than i did in 19 years! missions sure do a good job at shaping people into the best versions of themselves.
I couldnt be happier! I love my companion and i ADORE my district. I have 2 cute brazilians roommates. They have taught me so much portuguese and they also just constantly laugh at my attempt to say things.
Apparently im not fluent yet??
-our bedrooms have their own bathroom! hehehe sister wiser!
-i killed all the brazilian elders in volleyball so now they always want me to be on their team hehe
-I learned how to say "sweaty face" hahaha (rosto suado)
-it literally feels like im walking around the temple all day. The spirit is so strong!
-youre always spiritually and emotionally drained at nights so you fall asleep so fast
-the food in the CTM is mostly bread hahahah
-we look like little kids with stickers on our name tags!
-i accidentally said "we have a "massagem" (massage) instead of "mensagem" (message) from Jesus Christ" hahahah oops
-teaching elder Mota the difference between "tree" and "thee" is impossible! hahaha
Spiritual story:
i really really really struggled on the first day here. It really struggled. i cried all dang night. but the next day we taught Marcos!! marcos is from Sao Paulo and hes a university student. We love Marcos hahaha! he got taught 3 years ago by missionaries but lost contact. we taught him and the spirit was SO strong!!! i finally remembered exactly why i am on a mission. it was so amazing! but PSYCH marcos was just a teacher here hahahahaha shoulda known. But i loved it so much.
funny story: today, sister dobbs walked around asking every single person if they have a plunger because she clogged the toilet with toilet paper (youre not supposed to flush it) hahahah and it was so dang funny because they definitely do not exist here.
scripture of the day: moroni 7:48
sister beynon


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