December 3, 2018


Reconquista, Santa Fe, Argentina


Hermana Crismon

Debora gets Dunk'd

MY PEOPLE!! I am going to keep it short this week because I don't have a lot of time but here are the points of interest.

1. We had the open church and the baptism of DEBORA!!! We were nervous all week because every time we went by she wasn't home. We finally got to see her on Thursday and she was SO EXCITED! Which for Debora is notable because she is pretty calm. We went and picked her up on Saturday to go to the church and she was WAITING OUTSIDE! She told us, "Hermanas all you had to do was get me excited and now I am ready." It was an amazing evening. We were together with members, missionaries and investigators. Pictures are included.

2. I traveled with the Zone Leaders to Resistencia for a Leadership Conference which was awesome. I got to see all my buddies up there.

3. This week with Hermana Crismon we sang a hymn that really touched me. " Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd" Is one of those hymns that really affects me especially as a missionary. The fourth verse says,
"Green are the pastures inviting;
Sweet are the waters and still.
Lord, we will answer thee gladly,
"Yes, blessed Master, we will!
Make us thy true under-shepherds;
Give us a love that is deep.
Send us out into the desert,
Seeking thy wandering sheep."

As members and missionaries, the Lord trusts us with this work. He needs us and those around us need Him. As December is beginning I challenge you to keep that in mind. Make yourself a part of this important work. The Lord is gracious with his spirit. He will give us what we need if we ask. Anyways, that's all I have for you. I LOVE YOU! And I hope you have a great week.

Love, Hermana Stirling


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